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I honestly don't know where to start this message to you all...

I honestly don't know where to start this message to you all... I have avoided this blog for months now. An hour ago, I was randomly reading the bollywood section on IF when I saw Barun's birthday thread. Of course I couldn't help but click it and out of sheer nostalgia I clicked after that on IPKKND forum. And then I saw this thread. Which I couldn't believe was there--with my name! I thought you'd all moved on by now to different writers and stories--there are so many! But maybe I was wrong...

I'm SO sorry for being gone for so veryyy long. Trust me, it was not my intention. 

Started off months back as me being upset and frustrated after yet another copying incident and harassing emails from the person who copied me. I've dealt with things like that unfortunately frequently as many of you are aware and I thought I'd gotten over it but this time it really crossed the line. I realized writing which had always been my stress buster, something i looked forward to, had morphed into something I dreaded. 

I LOVED writing about arhi (still do!), I LOVED the interaction with those who read my stuff, I knew you so many of you by name (still do!) but along the way my love for writing was steadily destroyed.

When I decided after my last update to take a break for a while and get away from all the stress, I thought I'd be away a few weeks. But somehow, combined with work, health issues, and a busy personal life, it became months.

I wish it hadn't been so. 

I posted a quick message about this on my Facebook page months ago but I should have posted it here and on my blog.

To all those who worried, sent me messages or tried to get in touch with me, thank you. It is only because of genuine readers/friends like you that I kept this blog up at all. So many times I debated deleting it all but I couldn't do that...never... And then it became so long that I wondered if continuing even mattered because surely most readers had moved on. But I see now I was wrong to assume that.

I hope some of those amazing readers/friends are still following me because guess what, my love of writing is something no harassing emails could destroyBig smile

I have been writing. Not as often as before but regularly. Not always on Arhi but on characters I love (the Raizadas forever being at the top of that list). I have every intention of finishing Secret Passion and making Fateful Love/Desert Heat/Shameless available to all those who want them. They have been edited many times from the rough drafts you all read, enhanced by your feedback, and with additional material. 

This will all take time given my busy schedule but it is something I look forward to. Till then, I plan to update Secret Passion for you all very soon. 


ps. 2 million views?!!! You all are <3


  1. Thanks for your message tina...
    Its immense relief to hear from you that you are ok...

    And with life's up n down you still continue with ypur passion of writing...

    Will be eagerly looking forward for updates as always...

    Take care ...

    Please if possible next time do drop a note before you take a break

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Tina,

    First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your note, it's really good to know that you're doing well! I always check on your blog to see whether you would be coming back or not, and I'm so glad that you have decided to come back! We all missed you, and your awesome work and stories. You're blessed with a great talent and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise or hold you down. I'm really happy that you decided to come back and I'm looking forward to some wonderful and thrilling updates!! If you ever need anything, please let me know!!

    Take care and always be "Khush" :)))

  4. Hi Tina,

    Hallelujah!!! Thank God your finally back.

    Thank you very much for the note. Thank you for reconsidering to finish your stories. Was waiting for long time. Take your time but please don't be without updating. Really missed you and your wonderful stories. Takecare. Shalomgrace.

  5. Welcome back dear
    Really missed you and your updates , thanks for the note .
    It's so so good to hear from you.i don't think that anyone can move on from your stories, they are fabulous and mindblowing just like you:)
    Well I've always wanted to read shameless and desert heat and knowing that you will make them available to those who want to read them is truly a great pleasure for me .
    Please next time if you can, leave us with a note. You really got us worried.
    Update soon, I don't think that we can wait anymore. I've read SP 2 times in these months hoping that you would have updated the next part by the time I've finished reading it.
    Will you continue enemy lines?
    Till then take care and don't forget us.


  6. Thank u for ur note Tina. Wonderful to hear from u. Will wait for as long as u wNt to update. But don't go MIA on us again please����. And thank u again for writing again. I missed ur stories.

  7. OMG! Tina Di I'm so freaking happy right now... so I’m continuing my blabber from IF.

    Here I was, a night before I had to go back to school for 3rd term, and thought: “let’s just check one more time” and voila: a message from you... I was literally screaming!

    I missed you SOOOO much! And what do you mean by: "I thought you'd all moved on by now to different writers and stories--there are so many! But maybe I was wrong..."??? Not maybe, you are definitely wrong! I for one, have been stalking the blog constantly and have even re-read SP (4th or 5th time, I think), hoping for you to come back.

    Di, know that we love you and your stories [I also happen to love your SP's ASR very mush ;)] and have missed reading your work greatly. Your stories are one of the very first ones that I had read and which got me reading ArShi fan-fiction, and I'll forever cherish your stories.

    And please next time leave a message on the blog as well, please. Also ecstatic to know that you will be making Shameless and Desert Heat available again…And I now wait not-so-patiently for the SP update…

    IF- Zyrah Ayok
    Ps: my real name is Khushnuma

  8. Hey Tina

    So gud to see u back
    Hp everything is fine with you..

    Ll be waiting for the story
    TC 💟

  9. Really get where you're coming from
    But so glad that you're back :D
    Lots of love

  10. Ok, i wasnt supposed to cry but dammit i cant help it. You have NO idea how worried sick i had been when i discovered this blog, got crazy about your stories, noticed your last update date n date before that n realised u havent been on the blog since like ages, and u r not one of those who doesnot keep her readers hanging and atleast puts a note on. THIS time it was nothing i got super scared n worried.
    THIS note made me cry n happy to know that u r abso fine.

    Tina DI thank u soo sooo soooooo much for putting up this note and thank u for not giving up on writing n on arshi.Yur stories are a blessing. ( no exaggeration here)

    I was (not any more :P) a new reader of yours n from the time i dicovered this blog i only have written comments like "where r u di""r u fine""a note ples"n what not..
    Now that u r back, a LOONGG comment is due from me , which i would write when u'll update . My exams r going on right now n i need time to write what i have to write :P

    Cheers n welc0me back <3

    GMSK8 (IF)

  11. hello tina...welcome back.really happy to see u back.thank u so much for your note dear...we readers really missed u and ur fabulous hurry...take ur own time..we readers will wait for ur wonderful updates..good luck...stay blessed...take care

  12. IF ID: Yizhihenanjing, Oh my god, Tina, I'm still following you. I start reading your stories when you have already stopped updating but I'm so in love with your work. Do you know how many times I roam this page to read Secret Passion, Mind Games & Baby, Hold on again and again!! so happy to hear from you, and just hearing from you with the news that Secret Passion will go on and at least have a proper end to this beautiful journey is enough!! I accept to wait, no matter how long... And I'm sorry that I don't read Desert Heat as it seems a bit too intense for me but I will be so grateful if you grant me permission to read Fateful Love and Shameless. I heard people said these stories were amazing but I regret that I knew you too late when all of them had already been removed. Please give new readers like me a chance. Thanks a lot. Best wishes to you.

  13. Thanks Tina for coming back. Missed you alot.

  14. Thanks Tina for coming back. Missed you alot.

  15. IF ID: Yizhihenajing, P/s: Tina, you think readers move on, no, it's not possible. Magic happens only a few times. You're one of my top favorite writers and there're only a few in my list. Your work is so amazing that I can't help comparing others' work with you so how can we forget you, especially with an amazing story like Secret Passion? How many times I have imagined the next of Secret Passion where our Arshi fight against the world, where their bonds are so strong that no evil power can destroy them!! Love love to see their journey!

  16. You are alive!! Seriously, I am soooo glad to hear from you that you are well. I have been religiously checking your blog every single day for an update - not once in the last 8 months or so I gave up. I knew you would be back! I understand that circumstances will demotivate you and bring you down, take the pleasure out of something that brings you peace. But please remember that for every bad apple out there, there are countless fans out there waiting for a word from you. Think of us, not the bad people. I am speaking from personal experience. Focus on the positives in your life, the negative will only bring you down. You are my escape from my everyday mundane life, think about that before you let someone else ruin things for you. There are so many of us who depend on you for their little bright spot in their lives, sad as it may sound.
    Anyways, I am glad you are back and well. I am very much looking forward to your updates and your books, should you ever decide to publish - will be the first on the list...
    Love your work!!
    PS - I live in DE, let me know if you want to meet to vent!! I make a great sounding board (or so I have been told...)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Tina, how glad I am with you all right.
    I beg you, do not dispose of their readers.
    We look forward to the continuation of your wonderful stories!
    Thanks you!

  19. Oh my Godddddd!!!!!! I hope I am not dreaming.... I seriously can't believe it still that you are back... I just logged in to this blog like million times I already did since you left... And I can't believe you have returned to us.. I know whatever happened is far too disturbing for any writer but please remember that any body's hatred can never match up to our love for you and arhi.... And trust me no matter how long you stay away from us we can never forget you...
    So plssss come back soon and we will be right here...

  20. Thanks for your note and letting us know that all is well and yes we all go through phases of life ... I am very happy to know that you have decided to write despite all the negativity which you keep facing
    Look forward to reading the stories again
    Take care



  21. So glad to hear from you. Thank god that you are ok. Take your time but just remember that all your loyal readers are desperately waiting to read your work. Once agin welcome back. I know it's frustrating to get your work plagiarised but we are all with you. You shouldn't have bear all the threats by yourself instead you should print those mails or messages on your Blog and give us a chance to stand with against this harassment.


  22. U got us scared so much Tina di..... I am seriously gald that u r fine n healthy .... Don't worry we are with u n we r waiting for updates
    Candyjan (IF)

  23. Welcome back Tina. Good to hear from you.
    Love and regards,

  24. Hi Tina, I'm so so so happy to see u back!!!
    Every time I come to your blog to see if u are back. And I didn't want to disturb you by asking when are u coming back and all as I know what could have happened! Let bygones be bygones, I so miss your stories!
    And even though I can never forget the current stories storyline, I kept on reading again again until a new update!
    Thanks for the note!
    Hoping to see new updates soon
    Take care ;)

    With lots of love

  25. OH MY GOD!! Tina is back!! you made my day! so happy to hear that u are fit and fine!!

  26. Omg... Is that really u??.. So so glad to see ur msg. By now u might hav understood that update or not we still lov u the same n still keep stalking...take ur tine but pls do come back

  27. Wow..... first of all we missed you... and can i say it safely that you are back or are we hoping for too much... i cannot say how much happy i am that you are back and are going to complete thx stories ..... plz update soon

  28. Omg omg omg !!!!!!!!! U r alive and kicking ..... I really really hate u for putting us through hell all the months :-( but wth !!!!! U r back !!!! Can't wait for the update now. You don't know how many times I have stalked the blog .
    Anyway welcome back .... Eagerly waiting for SP updates love u tinaaaaaaa

  29. wos that's really an awesome news that you're back, école back dear i'm really really happy,i thought you quitted writing
    I'm eagerly wating for the SP update
    love u :)

  30. Finally you are back. And plz don't ever think of stopping your work. I always admire your work and very fond of it. Please never stop writing. We all love you

  31. YOU'RE BACK!! WHOOT WHOOT. I cannot wait to hear more from you and see your work. I almost died when I saw the email that you posted on here.


  32. Can't wait for your return.
    Keep me posted

  33. Can't wait for your return.
    Keep me posted

  34. Glad to know that you are safe and healthy
    Will be waiting for your updates

  35. Glad to know that you are safe and healthy
    Will be waiting for your updates

  36. FINALLY!!!..OH MY GOD!!!...You are ALIVE and OK!!!...
    phew!!!....thanks for the note TINA!

  37. Phew, I for one am glad to see you back Tina. I think you ensured that none of us "moved on" ... just by your sheer talent. I know it is frustrating when somebody copies you... almost like they are mocking your hard work and effort you have taken to create something this beautiful and they are tainting it... but there is another way of looking at it... copying is the best form of tribute that they could give you... they know you sell... which is why they are copying you... But these people are chaar din ki chaandni phir andheri raat... while you are like the Suraj ki Roshni... jo hamesha chamakta rehta hain... Glad to see you back...

    - Abhita

  38. Happy to have you back. Was so worried that something happened to you.

  39. Hi Tina,
    It is so releaving to see you are back - fine and healthy. You are the only writer of ArHi fanfics I read anymore and seeing you missing in action made me realize how badly addicted I am to your work. Please keep kicking, I love you and as much as I love your stories I respect the efforts you put behind creating them more. Take care. Hope to see an update soon.☺

  40. tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you so much for coming back. soo happy that you are safe and sound. love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much

  41. Thank you for the note!

    We've been worried sick for you and Satina (is she alright?) I don't care about the updates as much as I care that you are doing fine. I hate that something you loved so passionately has become something you dread, I'm sorry you had to experience such nasty people. I apologize that while trying to keep us happy, you go through things like this. I really do feel bad, I wish I can help you with this, if there's something - do not hesitate to ask us. If there's an idiot sending you hate mail while stealing your work, let us know about him/her, they need to be dealt with (in ASR style)

    I like that you haven't given up on writing and that one day, we'll have the chance to read the wonderful stories - the ones I missed (Fateful love/Shameless)

    Sending you good vibes and wishes,
    Raven (TheGirlofRavens - IF)

  42. Omg!!! This is the happiest news ever!! :) was so worried that there won't be anymore updates :( but thank you so much tina for even considering posting updates after facing repeated copying... I really hope those nasty people will learn someday.. Your post has made my day :) glad to see you back... We all missed your stories and if you really think we'd move on after some time you are clearly mistaken ;) our patience and love for you and your fictions are infinite :)

  43. Hello Tina.. so happy to see a note from you.. have been thinking of you. Well hope everything is good with you. will always looking forward to updates of your stories.. as and when you can write and post them.. i am happy.. don't push.. chill.. but once a month will also do.. secret passion, desert heat i am dying for these updates.. best wishes and happy writing

  44. oh..tina di....stalking this thread every i am happy...
    i got really worried about ur health...and ur absent here for long time...

    read the note.....will wait for ur return...
    love u..
    now i am so happy..yaayy

  45. oh..tina di....stalking this thread every i am happy...
    i got really worried about ur health...and ur absent here for long time...

    read the note.....will wait for ur return...
    love u..
    now i am so happy..yaayy

  46. Hi Tina
    After stalking your blog weekly for months.......I was very pleasently happy to get the email notification of your note.

    I am so looking forward to you completing your stories and hopefully you will write more.....after all we can never have enough of Arnav & Khushi


  47. Glad to see you around, Doc. I asked, and was told you were harassed, but okay, and I decided to back off and allow you the time to breathe and figure out the next steps. Honestly can't say I could possibly be any happier that those next steps involve writing and coming back. I'm glad you're okay, health wise, and in every other way. Always keep smiling, babe, and remember, ONLY you have a decision in what to do with these characters, these stories, and this blog. We'll support you every step of the way, here, and in the future. You don't owe anybody anything, but we owe you everything for brightening our lives in such a wonderful way. Most cherished author, friend, and Doc, I missed you =)

  48. Like seriously this is the best news i have heard in a while
    I love sectret passion like anything
    So glad that u decided to finish that story
    Please update it soon as possible
    and pls dont vanish like this again
    but soo excited now!

  49. Is it really u Tina..????????? gud to see u bak n safe n healthy. U scared me girl. I tought u wud never return here. I visited the blog so many times. Today agn randomly i visited ur blog and was expecting same old page bt was surprosed to see ur post. God, i missed u so much. Pls don't leave agn like dis. so eagerly waiting for ur update. :)

  50. Thank you. So much.Really. :') <3

  51. THANKS HEAVEN you are not stoping i was so depressed i came home after my english exam i just seeing ur blog and i got ur message i am super happy u dont know kow much i adore ur work i have read secret passion again two times when iam missing ur updates but u also have personal life we understand but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzdont ever stop secret passion this is the best alternate of ipkknd ilove u misssssssssssssssssssss u too much give us SP update super soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon pretty plzzzzzzzz:>

  52. Thank you thank you thank you so so much for continuing. It's a great relief.I was really sad after not seeing ur update for so long n even then kept checking it time again.

  53. Looking forward for your passion filled updates..... welcome back. ..welcome back. ..welcome back. ..😚

  54. Dear welcome back & lots of love................... I am so happy to know that you are ok..................

    Thanks a ton for assuring that you will complete 'Secret Passion' & 'Desert Heat' & also give us an opportunity to go through 'Shameless Love'

    Thanks a ton dear for coming back for loyal & genuine followers of your story like me.............

    Impatiently waiting for an update........

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  55. welcome back .... thank god that u r doing well :D

    it is sad that people still do that shaming act of copiying someone others storys :( i dont now what people gain from it

    but believe me true fans will know it and support u always :D

  56. So glad to see your msg finally! I just hope you're in a far better space now and would resume writing here regularly and happily as before. It's pathetic when few people who don't even deserve a thought end up consuming your mind. After so many incidences like these with you, it will be futile to say that 'that person' would learn the lesson. But anyways, I hope until the solution to these plagiarism acts gets to you, happiness and the contentment of writing consumes you.

    Glad to see you back xx

    Love always

  57. SOO GLAD YOU BACK AND DOING WELL!! Its just a shame that people have to plagiarise your work and copy what you work so hard to make... But hopefully this doesnt stop you from doing what you love. Its so sad because i just started re-reading desert because i was so behind on the story...only to realise that its not available after the 5th chapter �� Anyways... you writing is beutiful
    All the Best

  58. Thank God! you sent a message...
    Missed you like hell dear...
    please please come back soon with DH and SP...
    i've read the last update of SP and DH like thousan times...

    Now it's like hell to wait...
    I wish to you back really soon...

  59. hey tina
    i am a big fan of arshi and your fanfictions just simply cherishes arshi moments and memories.
    i am so relieved that you are okay
    i wish you all the best and please try to continue all the ff:)

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. I love Fateful Love, di(I miss that so much). It is always a pleasure to read your work... Waiting for the next update of SP... It is good to have you back xoxoxo

  62. Hi Tina,
    I recently came across this blog and read Mind Games. It is awesomely hot and so different. I really fell in love with you writing. I started reading Secret Passion and Desert Heat only to realize that they are not complete/ fully available.
    And then, came this note that really made my day today.
    Thanks for coming back and starting to write again. You are a wonderful writer and I am so glad to see you back.
    I will keep stalking this blog for SP.
    Please let me know how or where I can read Fateful Love, Shameless and Desert Heat.
    Thanks for taking time out to write such wonderful stories and sharing them with everyone.

  63. You're back!!! So glad to hear that your love for writing and us brought you back! :)

    thank you for coming back :D we missed you


  64. Thank u sooooo much for coming back..... Luv u <3

  65. Hey Tina,

    First of all its so nice to hear that you are fine! It's not usual of you to just leave without leaving a note so when you didn't update since last December, I seriously got worried that something terrible must have happened. Even if you were not going to update, please let us readers know if you are ok. I was really worried because I know that even though you are very busy you still leave notes when you can't update or if something is wrong. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are facing in regards to plagiarism. It's unfortunate, but in the virtual world people find the audacity to do such things especially if they know they can get away with it. I can understand if you decide to discontinue writing on Arshi. It's very nice of you to still leave the blog open to the public after so many incidents. But I would insist that maybe you should switch to a private blog if you feel that this plagiarism issue is getting out of hand. Thanks again for letting us know that your fine. That is the most important thing, updates are secondary priority.

  66. really missed you ...since August i could visit you blog,...awesome updates 38 and 39 ...i am worried about khushi and arnav now..whole world is their enemy now

  67. Welcome back Tina even thou IM 2 months behind lol.. Just super happy you are ok and doing well.. Looking forward for all the new updates.. Keep safe and take care


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