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Second Half of Episode 38 Now Up!

Judging by the comments and pageviews I think most of you have read or perhaps more accurately, reread the last Secret Passion update and more than deserve the continuation:)

Thank you for the continued comments and feedback, it's always soooo nice to hear from regular readers as well as new ones! You all seriously make my day:)

I've gotten a few messages now about some chapters of Secret Passion missing screenshots and pictures. I have been working on trying to resolve the issue (caught up to Episode 10) and it should be all fixed in the next couple of weeks.

Also I wanted to remind everyone that Secret Passion is very clearly labeled as a mature story right from Episode 1. There is violence, language, and adult content although we try to make sure it's all done tastefully but realistically.

Without further ado...
Enjoy the conclusion of 

Please use this post to leave your comments. It will be turned into the next comment thread.

Also I have no intention of disappearing again but since many of you asked to be kept up to date on things: I'll be on vacation for the next week or so for my birthday. That  means no laptop time. Don't worry, I'll be back soon;)

Leaving you all with a lot of action and drama and of course romance in this episode of SP.
Let me know what you think!


  1. IF ID Yizhihenanjing: Awesome!! Love every single piece of Khushi's letter and her determination. Arshi's love & trust & bond are so strong & unbreakable! Love to see what's next. Thank you so much for amazing work.

  2. Hi tina,
    Thank u for the update.
    Advance whishes for your birthday and enjoy your vacation. but please do come soon with your awesome stories.

    second part of the story was great.

    karan is gone totally crazy. never expected Garima to hire a man to threaten khushi with the knife to leave her husband. Now she is in deep trouble. she has to give some answers to the police. hope she doesnt getaway with it easily. Garima lost her daughter with her own evil plans. karan and his mother should be punished by ASR himself for trying to separate his wife from him.
    I think the hired man must be Akash or Arnav's old friend who try to misbhave with khushi coz she said she heard the voice before and cant exactly recognize who it was.
    I was sad when khushi spoke to Arnav like that about his parents. but thank god he dint give up on her and get angry.
    I hope they overcome every obstacle in their life together.
    Takecare and see you soon with another wonderful update.


  3. i loved the second part....i cant believe garima is so ....i cant find a good word.....i cant wait to see what happen next....i am soooo happpyy that you are back....please try to update the next part soon

  4. Oooh ! A pandemonium of moments ! Karan, Masked guy, the evil ladies...Jeez. Glad Khushi is back at Shantivan

  5. Uff...can't believe garima did such thing... Wonder if she really hired a man to threaten khushi or its karans plan..
    Who is that man.... Akash or shyam? Coz khushi mentioned she heard tht voice before...
    They dared to hurt her right in front of arnav..thats wil arnav protect her amidst the fashion show...

    A Very Happy Birthday to you dear...

  6. Still cannot believe Garima could be so mean to Khushi what is her obsession with breaking her marriage. Karan I still don't get him too, who could the masked guy be? Suspense is killing me, please update soon!!!

  7. Seriously i was so fucking pissed at Khushi when she left ASR i was like what the fuck where did her promise of for=ever went and then her hearing that that Garima and snakwa mother conspired together lover ASR returning and claiming his own and the reason she left that was so heart breaking glad she heard everything and hopefully she will never like their emotional blackmail touch her again.

  8. What the F***! What is wrong with these people??? Karan, his mother and Garima! especially Garima, how sick are they? how insane? And this man... is it Shaym? Surely not Akash, after all that's happened between him and Payal? Or is Jiji and her dearest husband (ex-husband) forgiven all?
    Arnav was right, how could anyone think he was insane when people like Karan exist?
    Aww poor Khushi! I thought it was a nightmare! I knew Khushi couldn’t be leaving Arnav willingly… but when the truth came out… Arnav feeling guilty was a given, he’d never forgive himself for letting Khushi get hurt right behind his back!
    It was heart wrenching when Khushi came to know her family’s bitter truth… but I loved, loved, and loved the way Arnav came after her and took her away… <3
    Khushi’s letter to her mother was a nice touch ;) I loved her feeling the horror and failure of her devious plans… and now Bayaz Khan’s at the door… can’t wait for the next chapter to know what happens next!
    Thanks for the update on previous chapters :D, I also noticed the missing pictures and screenshots …
    Haha, thanks also for telling us about your schedule! We’ll worry less about you disappearing now, even for a weekend! 
    And last and by no means least, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday in advance Tina Di! Hope you have a great time, warm wishes and lots of hugs…
    Until next time…
    IF- Zyrah Ayok

  9. hi tina
    such an awesome update di!!!!
    waiting for the next
    update eagerly.....
    wishing you a very very happy birthday!!!!!

  10. IF ID:glitter5
    When khushi left Arnav I thought maybe it was a dream of ASR
    I was like why is d dream not ending
    Awesome update
    Masked man voice familiar could it be RK ??

  11. First of all advanced happy happy happy birthday Tina di........ God bless you.. Thank you very much for this second part. Of course karan is insane, but I don't understand who the masked man is????? Akaash, shyam or Aj¿??? Or anyone we don't know yet???? Waiting for the next update diiii... Loved Arshi scenes very much.....

  12. Oh my.... TINA!!!! Finally you updated.

    You know, In last 8 months I have visited this blog more than 100 times. Initially, I thought you must be feeling dejected by those repeated attempts copy your work, hence you were not posting anything.

    After few months, I started worrying whether you were safe and healthy.

    Later, I was really angry on you for not even posting a single line.

    Today when I checked your blog, I was ready for another disappointment. But my gosh, you made me so happy 😄😄😄

    Tina, I have truely missed your writing. Whatever may be the reason, please do not leave us like this 😢

    Now coming to the update:

    The beginning was beautiful. Arnav and Khushi enjoying each other and in so much love.

    By as soon as they landed in Delhi, their troubles started. Garima is mad. Actually, apart from Arnav, everyone else looks crazy in this story. Which mother makes schemes like that. She is pathetic.

    I was shocked when khushi said those bad words to arnav. Good thing she heard crazy women's plans. I really hope Bayaz Khan drags Garima, bua and Karan's mom to police station and gives them 3rd degree treatment 😡

    Khushi said the person who threatened her sounded familiar. May be it was her bauji.

    Beautifully written chapter Tina. I waited for it so long and you have made me very happy 😄

    Wish you a very very Happy Birthday. Wish you lots of happiness and health. Enjoy your vacation.

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  13. Hi Tina,
    I just started reading Desert Heat but I did not find any chapters beyond 5. Please help and let me know where I can read the remaining chapters.

  14. Fab update
    Hope Garima understood Khushi this time

  15. Great update..loved it & happy birthday in advance babe ;)

  16. Well, I am reading your story Tina & a big fan of Secret Passion. Loved the update. Well I have sent you the buddy request in IF do reply soon & a request that I want to read the other stories of yours but you kinda taken the parts of it. If possible will you please post it soon. I understand the reason behind it & it will truly wait for that.

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  18. Hello tina,
    it was an awesome update....thank u so much forthe 2nd part...truly loved doubt that stupid moron karan and so called cheapos garima and karan's mother sarita really really insane...hope they will taste their own medicines soon from arnav for messing his and khushi life....curiously want to know who is that culprit masked man??hope that inspector bayaz khan find out soon..eagerly waiting for next chapter...update soon...Happy Birthday to u tina dear...stay alwayzzz happy and healthy..god bless u...take care ..

  19. Dear, welcome back & lots of love............

    Today I just thought of checking your blog to see if you have updated & I was pleasantly surprised........... There is chapter 38..........

    Thanks a ton for coming back with an update & continuing this fabulous story.........

    I loved the update.........

    Arnav-Khushi are so much in love & happy in the first part......... They are truly enjoying Khushi's pregnancy........

    I love their passion & chemistry..... Its sensuous & sizzling hot....

    But in later part, OMG......... Garima & Karan have lost it...... They have gone crazy...... They should be severely punished for hurting Khushi & trying to separate her from Arnav, her love, her husband...........

    Dear impatiently waiting for chapter 39...........

    You have fun on your holidays............ Dear Happy B'Day.......... Hope so you have a fun filled day with your loved ones..........

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  20. Hey thank-you so much for coming back
    I really missed reading you're blog....every few days I would check your blog to see if any updates...and I'd feel because there wouldn't be any thing but today I was happy and surprised
    Thank-you for coming back you were really missed������������

  21. It was really awesome to be reading your update on this and was happy to have found your blog via one of the Arshi Fanfic group in FB. Your stories are ONE of the most awesome that I've read so I'm really looking forward to new updates.

    Also, is there any way that I can read the earlier chapters for DH and MG? Would love to read those from the beginning.

    Rose Raven

  22. Heyyy.... Welcome back dear
    Update was super awesome... Was really missing your stories.
    When are u gonna update desert heat, waiting for that one also eagerly

  23. Everyone in this story is manupulative and damaged... Garima and her drama, she did as per as by spineless karan and his shameless mother... Khushi is 8 month pregnant for god sake.. With all the clothed man and his threatening.. Karan and his obsession is making me puke... Can u pls kick that bastard out...
    Good that she break all ties with Guptas.. Shashi is the only sane one in gupta clan...
    Yayy.. I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of twin stars.. Arnav and khushi.. As usual insatiable and horny... Their love conquer all.. As long us they r together and ready to shackle every obstacles..
    Waiting for next part already... Cont soon tina di..
    Enjoy ur vacation.. 👍

  24. OMG 😮
    I actually felt sick reading what Garima did... Khushi's right she came never be her mother...
    Hope Arnav finds that creep...
    Can't wait to read more 😄

    IF ID: varsha2KD

  25. What do we think?

    1. Happy Birthday! Happiness! Love! Good luck !!!

    2. Garima- liar. I do not understand it. Why is she trying to separate Arshi? What it will give Karan? Daughter married. Forget about it. Rescuing need to Payal, she needs attention, Garima!

    3. Arshi will be together always. We are waiting for the children))

    THANK YOU!!!

  26. Phew finally an update. Thanks a lot Tina it means a lot to us. Wish u a very happy birthday in advance. And as always all the wait was worth it. No matter what arshi will always be together. I love how they stand for each other and how their love overcomes every damn problem. Thank u so much. Best gift received on ganesh puja.

  27. Wonderful update. It's so good to read the story after a long time. Khushi and Arnav should have stayed in Lucknow itself. How could khushis mother stoop so low. Why is her father missing from the picture. Are Payal and akash truly getting a divorce. I salute Arnav and khushis love . Even after so much difficulty they are together. I hope seeing police in her house will scare garmia now. Will wait for the next update

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE DEAR. MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE. I don't know if I'm late for your birthday or not but still,HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE2.
    The chapter was amazing. Garima and Karan are absolutely insane. How could Garima do such thing. Thank god there was no MU. Afcourse Arnav and Khushi can never misunderstand each other that's why he came back to her. But was afraid as a writer you can do anything hehe

    Wanted to know when will you let us have the previous chapters of DH. And Shameless and fateful.
    Will be waiting for the next update eagerly


  29. Welcome Back! Very glad that you decided to go ahead with writing, it really means a lot to us. I just hope and pray that those dissapointing incidents of plagiarism stop somehow.
    The update was amazing, conveyed a lot about the strength of their love for each other. Hope Garima realises her follies, it's high time now. And it seems like Lucknow was lucky for them since there theu weren't faced with so many problems :p Update the next episode soon.
    Also, Happy Birthday in advance! :)
    (IF name- pra_s.96)

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  32. Hi,welcome back dear :)
    Really happy that u updated, it was an awesome chapter
    its nice that arshi are still together
    wating eagerly for next update

  33. Welcome back! so glad you are back and updating my favorite story.

  34. Hi tina welcome back
    I really love this story thanks fr updating it was an awesome part why d hell karan is dng dis is mad who was dat man was dat shyam? Excited to read d secnd part update soon
    @if muskaansobti

  35. Welcome back dear... what a comeback with a big bang!!

  36. Tina!! Welcome back!!
    We've all been literally starving for your dose of stories!
    I am soooo glad that you're back!
    :D :D
    Thankyou soooo much!
    You had us all worried dear.
    And as for the update, do I need to say anything?
    Awesome and fantabulous as always!!

  37. glad arnav didn't leave khushi alone..their relation is getting stronger and stronger day by day! garima will get a chance to have a taste of police! awesome update as always...:)

  38. Hi dear! A hearty welcome to u!!
    Karan is a vindictive n obsessive creep. I was totally baffled wen Khushi agreed to go with....meanwhile her conniving mother was in chahoots wid dat creep n dey had planned all this. Glad Arnav followed Khushi n after much persuasion she finally relented n revealed all that happened. At least dey r home nw. Garima is gona be in for a tough interrogation from Detective Khan.
    Thank u for a brilliant was worth da wait!!

  39. Welcome back
    karan needs to be admitted in RITA. why is he after khushi something isn't right. who is one helping him
    khushi's mother is delusional can't she see that khushi won't survive without him
    ASR is a fighter n he will never let her go when he is s dam sure that her soul dwells in him
    who is d masked man is he d same who threatened khushi
    ASR shld think abt how karan suddenly is so confident to tackle him who is d one who is supporting him.

  40. I just came across this story n as I read chapter after chapter it gave me goosebumps. In between I didn't realise when I started cry. U have portrait all character with so much detail. U know I envy people who can write such stories. Not any that but also involves the person who is reading. The passion between arnav and khushi is like it will burn all people around them, nothing can come between them and their love. It's magical this story u gave created. in today's world were true love is like extent u have gave hope that tthere is love in this world u just have to find that person.
    In all u rock and update your story earliest as possible I m so much exited to read further

  41. i literally just stumbled upon your blog from IF and i started to read mind games. i really love the way you write. i like when any writer can impact my emotions and you did just that. so i look forward to reading more of and become a long term fan just like i've done with other writers from IF. keep up the work. i also wanna appreciated how the story is from the pov of both the main characters although i must admit i am partial towards khushi most times but nonetheless i love them both and im happy how they communicate their feelings alot of us in the real can't seem to do that with one we love. i'll keep on reading and commenting

  42. wow great update di update soon............................

  43. i under khushi's fam's stance but geez i still wanna slap and the audacity they have o wanna marry he off to another dude. what hurt is that they didnt remember the difference inn lass when getting payal engaged but remembered that when they didnt want khushi o marry her fiance. bunch of hypocrites *rolls eyes* just hurts my feelings *angry face*

  44. the storm within.... fitting title i must say. i could feel arnav's anguish, his excruciating pain almost. it reminded me of a scene out of twilight. i think you captured every emotion in full stride and i was pissed at khushi myself for taking such a risk even though i completely understand why she made that decision and i'm so ecstatic that all ended up well and my heart was saved from feeling anymore pain. great SS!

  45. wow great and fabulous update, waiting for next update

  46. hii Tina di... iam seema again, iam so impatient for next update.when the update is coming dii???? waiting ..

  47. its really sooperb.....please update regularly..plz...plz....plz....

  48. Omg u r back☺
    Amazing update as always:-)


  49. You are back!!!! Awesome news!!! Missed you a lot.
    And your message about Fateful love and other creations.....I am now doing a happy dance. Thank you ! Thankyou!!!! Thank you Tina for not giving up on us and your writing!!!
    If you decide to publish FL and others on e-book, let us know. I am sure lots of us will buy it as your writing is worth it!!!!!
    I am just so excited that you are back💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  50. I can't express my happiness right your... It's a great feeling to be back here and reading the updates... Loved the update...
    I was really shocked when khushi left arnav and went with Karan... I never imagined that she was held at knife point.. I am guessing that this man wasn't hired by karan or khushi's mother... It has to be someone else...
    But really karan and khushi's mom disgusts me... How could a mother do that to her pregnant daughter??? Putting her through so much stress... I love the way arnav comes for khushi again and again... That just tells how much he loves her..some people are truly blind if they can't see this kind of love..
    Good that khushi left her parents home forever...
    Now waiting for the next update
    Continue soon

  51. Tina Di... waiting for the next update... Where are you? please please please don't disappear again... Update soonish...
    IF- Zyrah Ayok

  52. Thanks a lot for coming back and filling with happiness with your romantic update dear...

    Awesome update... Got really irritated with khushis behavior and harshful decision of going to see her mom when arnav was fighting with bastard karan... later felt bad for her painful situation and anybody would have taken the same decision just to save her life arnav ...loved the way arnav went behind khushi without giving up on her for her hasty decision just thinking to keep her safe...i'm still confused with arnav behavior for not killing karan and taking control on them by his power and fame ...being the ASR he should be more in control and powerful and protect his dear ones after facing so many things in life...felt really bad for khushi when she heard her own people are against her love and still thinking to separate her from arnav...hope arnav will become ASR to teach everyone who has come in between him n his khushi.....

  53. Hi Tina di.... Hope you are fine. It has been a since the last update. More than an update I am very eager to hear from you.. Pls don't disappear again. We love you and your stories very much.

  54. Hi Tina, it's been nearly a month since the last update. Plz update the next part soon.


  55. Dear I loved the update............

    Arnav loves Khushi a lot so he wants her to be safe always & with him, he is confident that she will be safe........

    Though Khushi is pregnant, Arnav-Khushi's sexual life is super sensuous & erotic............ Arnav takes care, not to hurt her, but they are insatiable due to their love & Khushi's harmones..........

    Hope so the culprit will be out soon & severely punished for trying to harm Khushi...............

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  56. Loved every bit of the update

  57. Loved every bit of the update

  58. Wonderful chapter. It's so good to have you back.

  59. Loved the update.
    I was waiting for it.
    Good to have u back.
    Also I wanted to read Deserted hat & faithful love.
    When r u reposting it??
    Please update soon.

  60. Amazing update Tina!! Akash and A.J better watch out when ASR finds out they are in for a long haul as he is going to make them suffer!! Cannot wait for the next update!!! Please update desert heat too!!

  61. wow great update tina. akash and aj are going to rot in hell they don't whom they are dealing with. actually garima also have to suffer. plz don't separate arshi. let ASR aware about the real master horito and aj are same person

  62. Close call.. I thought that masked man wud be akash...
    I really wish khushi let arnav punish garima n karan..its high time they realize what their sins are...
    I don't understand why she wants to work away from arnav n not with him in his office.... Wats wrong in being with him?

  63. Loved it ....
    Expressed their feelings beautifully.....
    Emotions so strong.....
    And stronger & tighter it gets...
    Look forward to the next episode......

  64. WWOOWW, i hope they figure out who it is soon. Although that would wreck the story so take your time. Thanks for the lovely update!! Can't wait to read more. Your updates are always so alive, it literally transports me to another place. It's amazing.


  65. Hi, i really want to read your story Fateful love and I'm trying to find it from the past 1 year please send me the link or the story i really want to read it. I just love yoyr story. please help me.

  66. Hi dear I almost read all your stories...desert heat link I read 1to 5 of link not working...please please can u add the links...and also would like to read fateful love...every day I am visiting ur page for ur updates..please help dear....

  67. Chapter 39.. what an amazing update.. so it was AJ who attacked Khushi however police have arrested a petty criminal as paid by akash.. he is an idiot he thinks AJ is his friend.. poor chap will be no more as that AJ can't be trusted as he is having a bad eye for Khushi.. let Arnav come to know about this.. he will kill AJ, akash with his bear hands.. however in midst of all the tensions love ARSHI's passionate encounters.. their fights, their confrontations.. loved the amazing update.. :)

  68. Oh gosh, it was AJ!! I am angry at Bayaz Khan. He is no good. He is not able to catch anyone till now.

    Arnav and Khushi's love making in the office was blush worthy :-).

    Looks like AJ is the one who killed anjali. But why? He said he has destroyed Payal. But she is having fun with master H.

    Nice part and I liked it. Continue soon.

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  69. wow awesome update
    i really liked the passionate encounter between arshi wating eagrly for arnav to know who's behind all this
    watiiiing for next update
    and please update the missing parts of DESERT HEAT

  70. Superb.. Gee that damn AJ.. Akash.. I never thought abt his character in all this fiction really..for me he is a spineless nothing really character.. But no.. He is dangerous... Disgusting bastards...
    How the hell they r going go survive from all this bunchbof lunatics..
    Khushi is heavily pregnant, that means in coming episode anytym we can expect a happy news.... Cang wait for delivery of twins....
    I think i am more excited than raizada couple for arrival of little jalebis/laad governors..
    Cont soon

  71. Tina di... Nxt update kab??? I know... I am greedy for ud updates... Lol.... What abt desert heat... U ended the chapter in such a crucial mode.... I am eagerly waiting for it also...

  72. Hi Tina... ecstatic that you are back. I was taking about you to my fiance this morning.. telling what amazing stories u write. He wanted to read yours and i made a visit here to receive an amazing surprise. You are BACK. missed u so much. Chin up and charge the mountains. Always a fan of your work. Missed u and welcome back. - Deepthi Laxmi

  73. Awesome Update...Oh God AJ is the one who attacked Khuhsi and akash and karan and her family is supported by each other to separate khushi and arnav at any cost...Akash is really spineless and believing AJ for his plans...I feel arnav has to be more careful in protecting khushi because they are all surrounded by lunatics... Arnavs and Khushis romantic and passionate moments are sizzling....hope bayaz khan is positive character and help in finding the right person who has attacked khushi....

  74. Hi Tina,

    Hope you had a blast on your birthday. Thank you for the updates. I missed the last one.

    Coming on the two recent chapters, I can feel the increasing the intensity of the story, leaves us on the edge, gripping our seats and wondering what new turn will enter in the lives of our beloved ArHi.

    I love what they got to spend some months of peace in Lucknow and how it blossomed their relationship and loved seeing Arnav in ASR mode (My favorite ;) ) when his wife and children were threatened.

    I had almost forgotten about AJ, but seems like AJ hasn't forgotten about anything. Does Envy make a man fall to new levels, seems like it in Akash's case and how he is readily aiding to bring out his mighty brother.

    Payal.. what's going in her head? Does she too have her own tricks she will restore to soon? For now, she seemed to be gripped in this dark world of blurred pleasure-pain.

    There's a crescendo in lunacy too, I feel scared for Arnav and Khushi. I really enjoyed the last two updates, hoping for the next one soon.

    Take Care,
    The Girl of Ravens

  75. lovely story, enjoy it very much. Feel very scared for arnav and khushi. Wonder what akash and A.J. are up to.

  76. hey dear,
    i am a big fan of desert heat.....
    pls continue the storyyy.........
    n post the older parts...

  77. Hey tina. .....
    Woohooo. updates are awesome. ....
    The whole clan of people around arshi is mad and they wanna prove that they are mad. ....

    It's such a long time that you haven't updated. ....I miss SP....Just update the remaining part of chapter 39....pretty please. ...

    Hope you are doing great. ...


  78. Happy New Year Tina!! Hope all is well with you. When will you publish FL and DH??
    Let us know.
    Take care,

  79. If it's an ebook, please provide link. If you are posting FL and DH here, please notify.

  80. Where are you dear?

    You have not been active since so long. Hope everything's ok?

    Please atleaat let's us know....if you are fine.

    Take care dear

    Hope to hear from you as early as soon.

    India-forums ID - neag

  81. hey just curious where are you? have not heard from you in a long time! hope all is well at your end!
    Take care!!

  82. Hey,

    I just read all of Secret Passion in one go and you actually have me hanging by the edge of my seat!

    I am a huge fan of your other stories, have read all of them as well. I especially enjoy your ability to bring things to a very tense, and frankly hopeless, point, and then miraculously ending the story at a logical happy ending. I don't quite know how you do it, but just keep doing what you do.
    It is this belief in your writing that has me holding on to my hope for Arnav and Khushi.

    Looking forward to the next update,
    India-Forums ID - Dudley

  83. I am so glad I checked upon the blog and was ecstatic to find not one but two episodes with a note.

    Garima and her so called friend and her son are so vile, constantly trying to rip Arshi and their love apart.
    I was initially confused and worried thinking what made her act all weird all of a sudden and do that to him walking away. What happened that she decided to do that ? But then eventually knowing that the masked man threatened her and that was what made her walk away from him sickened me. To think and know that she was on harm's way and anything could have happened in that mere seconds, I was so worried and angry myself. I could very well relate to Arnav's agitation for not being able to do anything to protect them that moment.
    I also hope recognition of that voice comes to her sooner and they learn that the danger is not evaded entirely. I can wait to read the rest part of the episode.

    I am so happy to see you back rocking things asusual. You might not have any idea how much I have missed your writing. I literally craved for it.It just makes me so happy that I get to read your splendid work again. Might as well add that I missed Desert Heat too. Will you be working on that also ?

    Happy vacation and take care.
    Loads of Love <3

    I hope you remember this ardent reader, divyaarnavsr from IF

  84. Welcome back tina, Good to see you again. Nice update.
    AKash is shot dead
    AJ is arrested
    Khushi reading Arnav's mother diary, is there any clue in it.
    Don't know who is master Horatio?
    Since Akash is dead what will be Raizada's and payal reaction to it. what happened to shyam? I hope you will update soon to clear all our doubts.
    Congratulations for your novel.


  85. Thank you thank you thank you thank you Tina di..... Thank you for the update. Such an intriguing episode. Akash shot dead. Pls let arnav be free. Don't separate arshi. Because is about to due. About diary I always felt something fishy about that uncle of arnavs . I think he's the master Horatio. Anyway waiting for next.....

  86. Super duper excited to see your message today 10th feb on wordpress...

    I am very happy all is well wirh you and busy with good things in life...

    As always excited and lookung forqard for arshi stories from you..
    You have simply the art to captivate....
    Eagerly waitung for next and more updates of SP

  87. Tina.... I am so happy you updated. Please don't stop writing. I check your website every morning just to see you have posted anything. I am too dependent on this website.

    Omg.... what an update... I am so angry with khushi for not agreeing with Arnav to press charges on guptas. What else they need to do so that she understands their mentality.

    I was so tensed up while reading the chase, gunshot. Yipeee... akash is dead. I hope he is really dead. Anjali is gone. AJ is arrested. Hope he never comes out.

    Remaining culprits are that Master, Payal and Karan.

    I am so glad you've started writing something special. Hope you post/publish it soon.

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    Ihate those bastards who plagiarized it.

    Die in HELL.

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    And now for the update... It was awesome!!! Gosh Akash died?! I just hope Arnav doesn't have to go to jail or something - he did it in self-defence right? And who is this Master Horatio guy? At first, I thought it was AJ, but I doubt that now... And I really hope that AJ is really and truly gone now... Loved the update and I can't wait for the next update!!! Please update soon!

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    I'm really happy that you updated
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  94. Wonderful update.. Arnav was so sure it was AJ who had pulled Khushi behind the jeep.. now he is arrested and akash is dead.. feels bad for Arnav who is facing such a situations.. he don't even get into others lives than too he is targeted.. he is happy with wife and is waiting to welcome his twins while people around them don't stop to create mess.. he have never did any harm to akash still he was planning with AJ to hurt Arnav and Khushi and he was also involved in anjali's killing.. well waiting to see repercussions of akash's death and the mastermind Horatia and his dirty games and why is he after ARSHI.. well hope Khushi's family and that karan have got their lessons and don't try to create any trouble for ARSHI.. really want ARSHI to have some peace and welcome their bundles of joy with happiness and no worries around them.. Arnav's family was such a happy family well waiting to know what happened to this happy family and things went to become worst that Arnav was sent to such a horrible place..
    Thanks for update.

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    This is the first time I am commenting, I love the story, it's so beautifully written. Could very well relate to the main charecters arnav and khushi, such passion and so in love, absolutely gorgeous.
    Coming to current track, earlier u have mentioned arnav's parents and his uncle were college friends but in her diary it seems she knows the uncle only after her wedding to mr.mallik, so is this the twist in the tale? Is uncle the 'real villain' of the story?😰😰
    I always thought he could have actually saved arnav from going into that asylum or brought him back from it much earlier if he really wanted to, if he really is the villian then it makes much more sense now. Is AJ also by any chance related to him? I suppose so...very intriguing n gripping story, can't wait for the story to unravel.
    Please continue soon.
    Much love,

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    Finally AJ is behind the bars and I never thought I'd ever say that but I hate Akash and Payal in this, particularly Akash more, because how low can he stoop but now he's dead and I feel bad for Arnav. He lost his mother, had to stay at RITA and then lost Anjali. Oh poor Anjali. She was so naive, so insane and damaged. More than Arnav, I feel she's been equally a victim of Dadi. They didn't deserve that childhood and that treatment. Anjali was murdered by AJ and Akash and once Arnav gets to know that, am sure he won't feel guilty for having killed Akash. He deserved it, and moreover, Anjali deserved it. She was an innocent between all them and got killed for just being his sister.

    And how pathetic Karan and his mother are, what the hell will they get by separating them considering they don't even really want Khushi but just want to ruin their happiness.
    Karan too should be put behind the bars. Everytime he provokes Arnav, I feel like killing him. That bastard. He should be sentenced to jail forever.

    I am drown into SP and I can't rest now. Having read SP for five days without breaks - literally. I'm having vacation and from waking up at 9 am till 2 AM, I kept reading SP with little breaks in between for meals.
    Oh God, I want more. Please continue it and update soon. Please. I'll be checking the blog for updates and subscribe.

    Just too damn good. I am so impatient for next chapter now.

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    And since then I've been trying to think who could be master Heratio and why would he want to harm Arshi but then I realised he didn't anything such. Master Heratio didn't actually harm Arnav or Khushi.

    First I thought it could be Shyam. But nope, there are things that are against Shyam being Heratio. Shyam is into Arnav and wouldn't hate it when Payal moaned ASR. So he hates ASR but Shyam doesn't, vice versa in fact.
    Then there's this thing: Master Heratio mentioned a girl, of Payal thinking of being a girl he was dumped by. So it can't be Shyam for sure.

    But now as Khushi found his mothers diary, things started making sense. Uncle was rejected by his mother. So means, that girl he's imagining Payal to be must be his mother.
    Uncle knows about Arnav's past, about RITA and when Arnav was watching the Video Khan sent him, Arnav was replaying it to recognise the voice of Master Heratio which appeared familiar.
    And uncle is wealthy and never present, so he could be in Nainital with Payal and none would question it.

    Also uncle must hate Arnav, as Master Heratio couldn't tolerate Payal moaning ASR. And then, why did uncle wait 7 years to fight for Arnav, just right on time, a year before Dadi's guardianship ended. He could have gotten Arnav out of it long before already but he wanted Arnav to suffer and then strike on time. Arnav would have anyway gotten out in a year but uncle come on time, a year before him turning 18 so that Arnav would see him as his well wishes and trust him, become his puppet, like a pet. Yes. And Master Heratio likes to control people, likes them to be his pet.

    And most of it all, his mothers diary falling into Khushi's hands is not just a time pass track in the story I feel. This is the most important clue. Only from the diary they'll know about uncles truth because his mother must have known his real face.

    Oh please Tina, I beg you to post the next chapter asap. I will have sleepless nights else.

    Arnav will be completely shattered when he gets to know uncle actually hates him.

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    But after having read all those chapters in a Go for days, this update felt so small. But I'm so glad that it was finally updated. I waited so impatiently. And it was a pleasure staying up and reading SP continuesly cause it just filled my heart with content and am really grateful to you for giving us such a wonderful story:*

    And I was so relieved to read there are still around 15 chapters left, cause knowing I have a good story to read makes me so happy.

    And OMFG, what an episode. Payal commited suicide trapping innocent Arnav and putting false accusations on him. I wonder if she really committed suicide or was killed, but then that tape...let's see when things unfold.

    And I knew it! Ever since Khushi found the diary, I knew it can't be without reason,this isn't an Ekta Kapoor drama after all :D
    Uncle is the mastermind behind everything. We all kept Dadi blaming for RITA and Anjali's state when in real he did that actually. He killed Anjali, not AJ. And now he took Arshi's twins. I hope Arnav can rescue his children. The innocent babies.

    Really mind blowing update. Just superb. Will be waiting for the next one impatiently.

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  116. Awesome.. what an update.. how can uncle do this with the children of the woman he loved? no don't want any harms to be done to ArShi's kiddos.. want their parents to find out about them and give them the love, care which both ArShi have missed in their life.. what a twist? you know got a point of doubt on uncle when ArShi was discussing about shifting there but by the end you blew me.. how much ArShi used to love and respect this uncle and what he have done with them.. Mind blowing update.. waiting will be killing for next part.. as don't want ArShi and their kiddos to go through the pain of separation for long.. loved the mind blowing update..

  117. Yeh!!! I guessed it right all along!!! Its Uncle!!!! how i hate that man. How can anyone be so cruel to the girl he once loved?? Im sure he was the one who had killed Arnav's mom and i'm sure Khushi would definetly find proof against him and her kid's existence. How she would? At this moment I'm not sure. In case Uncle had kept the twins in his castle where Samiara had rebuffed him, then I'm sure Khushi would easily find them. She would not even accept that her kids are no more. I think the castle is going to be the key connecting point. First I'm sure Khushi would find those pictures painted by Shyam and then she would make the connection to uncle and trace her kids. or else she would go home sometime and digg into Paayal's stuff to free Arnav and learn about Master Horatio. From then on she would make the connection.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for your note. I am one of the few who always requested you for FL. If you are ok sending it as email, please do so to my email
    I know how much hard work and imagination goes into good writing. You are blessed with that talent. if you email me the copy, i promise to keep it safe from reproduction.
    I appreciate you coming and updating your status to your fans although you were missing for a long time causing concern about your well being to fans like me.

  120. Hello Tina, i just read secret passion. That was wonderful. But i couldn't find parts after 40. Did you stop after that or posted somewhere? Please let me know about the later parts. My email address is please post the next parts if you didn't. That's wonderful story...

  121. Hi Tina, I just all the parts in one go.. Damn! It took me more than two days to complete it...
    I just love secret passion...the romance, thriller and love...I just love it... Thank you so much for such a beautiful work...

    Well, I was able to guess that it would have been his uncle...gosh!! I just hope arshi meet their babies soon - my email id

    Love yaa

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    If you find it in yourself could you send it to me, if possible that is -
    I hate people who plagiarize, because essentially they're stealing. And thieves are despicable.
    As always SP steals my breath.....

    Your Ardent Fan

  123. hi. ....I just started reading ur stories nd I love them sooooooooo much .....I have a request can u write a story about reincarnation on kushi nd arnav plzzzz

  124. Hi,New reader alert!I heard so much about your ff .I started with Desert heat.I was immediately hooked but i couldn't access the link after chapter 5 :( Please make those chapters available if there is no problems.I kinda got obsessed with this amazing story.It was so cool I thought of finishing it in one go but i was so disappointed when the links didn't work.


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