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Note about Updates

Hi everyone, I'm almost afraid to click on the comment thread because I can just imagine it must be all 'update update update!' With good reason, I know. Writing this quick note because I don't want anyone to worry. I have all intentions of updating soon but as some of you are aware, I'm in the process of moving and it's very difficult to find time surrounded in boxes and chaos... Just know, I will post the continuation to SP soon as I can. *hugs* --Tina

Next Secret Passion Episode Now Up!

*waves* Hi everyone, So judging by the comments and view counts over the past couple of days (yes I keep a close eye on them lol) plus the sorta-kinda cliff hanger ending last time, I think it's more than time for an SP episode :)
Thank you for all your wonderful, thoughtful feedback *hugs* You all keep me sooo motivated to make SP the best it can be. Those wondering about other stories I've written like FL and DH, please see my comments on my last post below. I answered best as I can and more updates will be coming soon. Special shout out to Lahana. I hope you're enjoying your new phone and the fact that the first thing you did after getting it was to type in this blog's address and leave me a comment because you never could before... well, you made me speechless and really made my day *hugs*
Before I post the link to the extra long update, word of fair warning about Secret Passion--this chapter in particular. I know most of you are regular readers and know this already by n…

Secret Passion Episode 40 Posted!

After months of planning, plotting, typing (lots of typing, the first draft of this chapter got deleted grr) here is: 
Episode 40 of Secret Passion
If Secret Passion would have a season finale this would definitely be it.  But there will be more episodes no worries:) Judging by the outline, I would guess somewhere around 15 episodes left.
Thank you all for your continued support. Some of you have really surprised me with your theories, guesses and the clues you've uncovered and pieced together. You will find Episode 40 reveals much of what you've waited for. So start scrolling and look for the picture below. It signals Epi 40.
Also to answer some questions I get pretty consistently: 1. About update schedule: I do my best, but it gets erratic with work and the other story I'm working on. I will not leave you all hanging though with an unfinished story. Promise. 2. About DH, FL, Shameless etc: they are under editing and revisions. I hope to publish them for those who want to read th…

Chapter 39 Pt 2 Posted! Sorry about delay!

*peeks out*
Hi everyone!
Hope everyone's doing well in their corner of the world:)  I'm sorry about the long delay but real life came up. Things in my personal life are so crazy right now (in a good way!) but it's been enough to keep me away from Secret Passion. Please do know that I  love writing on Arnav & Khushi(always will)and I appreciate all the comments and feedback I've gotten from readers over the years. Seriously, you all keep me coming back to this time and time again. Even when I'm on the verge of letting it all go, you all pull me back and I find myself typing another chapter:) So I've truly missed being away from all of that.
 I have been writing when I can since my last update. It's not a fanfiction but a full, novel-length original, something that's been swirling in my head for a while now. I wanted to get it down on paper so I've written about half of it since my last message (crazy, right?). I will hopefully share it with all of yo…