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Secret Passion Episode 40 Posted!

After months of planning, plotting, typing (lots of typing, the first draft of this chapter got deleted grr) here is: 

If Secret Passion would have a season finale this would definitely be it.
 But there will be more episodes no worries:) Judging by the outline, I would guess somewhere around 15 episodes left.

Thank you all for your continued support. Some of you have really surprised me with your theories, guesses and the clues you've uncovered and pieced together.
You will find Episode 40 reveals much of what you've waited for. So start scrolling and look for the picture below. It signals Epi 40.

Also to answer some questions I get pretty consistently:
1. About update schedule: I do my best, but it gets erratic with work and the other story I'm working on. I will not leave you all hanging though with an unfinished story. Promise.
2. About DH, FL, Shameless etc: they are under editing and revisions. I hope to publish them for those who want to read them because that's the only way I'm comfortable sharing them after all the previous incidents of copying and what not. It's a ton of work but there is progress ongoing for those interested. I will keep you posted.
3. Twitter: no, I'm basically only on here, FB and IF, though I rarely log onto those latter two sites. Best way to reach me is here in the comments section. I read each one and I know many of the familiar names by now:) 
*hugs to the most loyal, amazing, and understanding group of readers I know*
4. Comments--Trust me, you all really humble and encourage me every time I post. I hope this one lives up to expectations too! Mwaa!

Speaking of comments: please leave all comments on this post directly or here!

Happy reading,

ps. special shout out to Pari KC. I can't believe you read Secret Passion 9 am to 2 am for four days straight :O You've made me speechless, which is hard to do as many people here and elsewhere would happily tell you:) Hope you enjoy Epi 40 and the remainder of SP.


  1. The suspense I just finished reading and my hunch was right it arnav dad friend whose estate they were in New York he the one out to get arnav destroyed he planned Paayal death I think she was killed and even Anjali's was killed hope arnav figure it out for the sake of khushie and the twins

  2. Welcome back dii

    Read d entire update
    Just 1 word

    N amazing writing once again...bang on


  3. Awesome update Tina di, eagerly waiting for the next update. Thankyou for the amazing story. ☺

  4. Tina di.... I am in tears when I write this comment. I can't bear the pain ARSHI undergoing. That was too much. Arnav had a very painful life. Now the loss of their babies is going to make him writhing in pain. Pleas end this miserry. Please let Arshi happy with their babies. Let uncle go to hell. Pleaseeeeee please please please please please please

  5. I Cnt see dem like writer hi..
    Thy both r in so much pain.. my eyes gt moist while reading the chapter..

  6. Oh my god I had a hunch that uncle must be jealous of arnav's mom and dad after the previous update but never thought him to be te master..plese dont seperate arnav and khushi ..please unite the family back together and have their happily ever after

  7. Oh God......
    I had a doubt that may be that uncle is Master Horatio, but then i just ignored it. But yaar Tina the last episode 40 is just.. oh god ..
    I can't tell you what I am feeling right now.
    I mean what he did with Anjali and Arnav is just so so so disgusting,painful and so disturbing. Hope arshi and the new borns are just going to be fine

  8. And please yaar update next chapter of SP sooooon.... because right now i am soooo disturbed

  9. Hi Tina di .. Me again. I was very emotional after reading this update. This will continue till I read chapter 41. What I am here to say is that u r one of a kind. Hatts off to you dii... Let babies fine arnav fine khushi fine. Please update soon. Love you.....

  10. From Yizhihenanjing: thanks a lot for the update... sorry but it's so traumatic & suffocating.. My heart aches for Arshi, especially Khushi..This is truly like a thriller now...Good one is that Payal has been gone from the picture and the evil man has been revealed slowly...such a psycho..I know goodness will win over evil but what's left? Will they walk out of this remaining the same? Please I can't bear any damage to Arshi physically and mentally

  11. Shock!!! ะ... A... A... I scream and cry ...
    Cruelly ...
    I'm waiting for the continuation ..
    Arshi - forever!



    Girl, you gotta update soonest than sooner, like seriously..
    It is torture to leave us hanging like this,,



    ps>> I am shocked , happy, sad, curious and waiting super eagerly for the next chapter..

    pss>>> I will soon post my detailed comments.. I promise..

    and I will be back soon.. :-) :-)

    TINU,, miss you yaar.. :* :* :) :-)


    LUVKKGASR (IF) -- Bhul toh nai gye Jaani :P :)

  13. Happy your ok and doing well Tina. Thanks for the update, until next time take care and keep safe❤๐Ÿ˜š

  14. I'm so shock of what I just read๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ. Uncle was behind this all along, I won't lie he definitely fool me with his charms and kindness sigh. I really hope nt will go wrong with twins and they will be found soon๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜”.. Great update dear.. Eagerly awaiting the next part

  15. Oh my god.. My wild guess was right... Uncle is master.. He is that bloody monster...
    But why.. Damn why... U separated everyone..arnav from khushi... Kids from their parents....
    I am crying and biting my nails.... Oh.. I really need to read next chapter....

  16. Hey Tina, Lovely update. it was really very shocking to read that Uncle is master horatio. Because he dint get his love he destroyed and is still destroying the family.waiting to see how is he going to get punished for all the sins he did.Felt very sad to read this chapter. Arnav is in jail, khushi in hospital and the kids with Master horatio. What is gonna happen next? Payal death was very shocking. How are the guptas going to take the news of their dear daughter death.
    will Arnav come to know about his uncle that he is the reason for all the tragedy that happened & still happening in his life. how is he going to save his only family. poor Anjali she was given drugs and was going through mental torture. Please update the next part soon and plz don't make us wait for too long.

  17. Whenever I think there can't be anything more brutal or shocking or surprising than this, u write something that gives me goosebumps. The scene of Payal hanging there in that condition was simply out of the world. I am sure it will haunt me tonight. I can feel Arnav and khushi's desperation and helplessness. Oh how I love them. And uncle's revelation..truly a finale type episode. Pls b back soon with the next chapter. Waiting eagerly. :* :*

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  19. Dear Tina,

    I am left amazed once again. As curtain lifts and we get to know about Master who is definitely master of all masters. The dark monologue has me anxious over the fate of the little ones.

    I particularly loved the scene where Payal's body is shown dangling, the master's last play with her. How horrifying. I could visualize it and her voice from the blaring speakers. It will forever haunt Arnav and Khushi, one moment they are all warm and cocooned and the next there's her bruised body dangling like a puppet. I can't get the imagined image out of my head. It was powerfully written.

    You said there's 15 episodes to go but I don't want one of my most favorite tale to end - I wish it would go on and on. I really do wish that you come back to spin another incredible tale.

    Thank you for the update. We're waiting patiently for the next one.

    - Raven Girl

  20. What an update! U just bowled me over with the identity of master horatio. I can't believe that it's Uncle who was having sex with Payal... a girl old enough to be his daughter. What a sick and downright disgusting man. I hope Arnav comes out in time to rescue his children from uncle's evil and nasty clutches.
    Please don't make us wait for a month or two again after leaving us with such a cliffhanger episode.


  21. Holly Fuck well I should have expected this you my dear are defiantly a suspense queen the uncle was the mastermind his obsession has destroyed so much Arnav away from Khushi and their babies kidnapped Lord HOPE they are found before that monster does damage to them.

  22. Oh crap... Arnav trusted the one n only person he shudnt have trusted. Both arnav n khushi are not in a state to even guess or connect the dots...
    Hope that psycho doesn't torture the babies...
    Wonder what.sick game he will play now... Who is gonna help them...
    I feel khushi won't trust the doctors.words and arnav will definitely find a way to meet khushi..

  23. its been so long.....was missing it...badly...
    and OMG!!!OMG!!!..what the hell is going on....
    its too intense......akash is dead.....payal is dead....
    arnav is in jail.....khushi lost the children....
    and its the uncle all along...its HIM!!!....I couldn't even believe it!!!!!!.....OHH MY GOD!!!!!!!...please don't make arshi and the babies suffer.....please let them be okay.....soon....its soo intense....I am seriously worried and scared for them....
    but what a twist in this update!!!

    IF ID: xyzsm

  24. Tina di, are you in Fanfiction. Net?

  25. really intense update, His uncle is the Psycho, waiting for your next update to know how arnav and khushi are going to find out their babies

  26. Hey Tina, I literally cried when I'd found out that you took 'fateful love' down two years ago.. Can't wait to read that story again. This episode of Secret Passion was really good... Please try updating regularly

  27. Tina di, your stories are awesome. Please give a update of Desert heat.

  28. Tina di, your stories are awesome. Please give a update of Desert heat.

  29. Tina di, your stories are awesome. Please give a update of Desert heat.

  30. UNCLE..... uncle... the uncle is behind all these.... oh man I can't believe it... unbelievable ... I am going mad.

    How I had liked that sweet old man... at that time, in NY when uncle conducted their wedding, I had thought he was the savior. I had also requested you to bring him back as he was the only positive character in this story....

    Was I wrong or was I terribly wrong :-). Tina, that is a master stroke from master horatio.

    Omg... he has plotted for so long to ruin Anjali and Arnav. I felt like my heart was crying while reading the horrendous things he has done. Sending Arnav to RITA, torturing Arnav in so many ways, slow poisoning Anjali and making her crazy, taking away the twins and making plans to ruin the babies...

    Tina, make Arnav and Khushi find their babies soon... I can't take it. I hope Bayaz Khan, NK, Aman are still on Arnav's side?

    What can I say about the update Tina... it shook me up and made me cry. Please update soon. I understand you are busy. But I can't wait for long for the next chapter.

    I am glad that you are doing something about the other stories too. Take your time. We will wait..

    Pinkly (IF Id)

  31. Tina, I forgot to mention about the fashion show in my comment above. All was so nice and fantastic... what happened there ...

    That was shocking. Payal's tortured body hanging from the ceiling and her strained voice coming from speakers... oh Tina, I am not going to forget that scene for a long time. You are an awesome writer. Once again I have to tell you that I love your stories.

    Pinkly (IF Id)


  33. OMG OMG!! What a twist!!! UNCLE?! Like SERIOUSLY?!?!?! We all loved him. He was a source of energy and positivity in Arnav and Khushi's life and to actually know he's the reason behind all this?! Fuck!! And I'm sure Arnav and Khushi will figure it out eventually as Arnav's Mom's dairy says he entered their life after marraige. God! You write in such an incredibly awesome way that after reading the update I had to sit quiet for 5minutes to just process it all in. Payal! Akash! Akash anyways just died but Payal?! She had tortured Arnav and Khushi all the while when she was alive and now even her death has to bring more trouble for them! Witch she is! I feel sooo sad for Arnav and Anjali's childhood. Stained soo brutally. Backstabbed by everyone they love at every point of their life. Their love is so strong that its the only thing keeping them from breaking into pieces! I can't even imagine how Arnav and Khushi will feel like when they know the whole truth! And the BABIES!! along with Arnav and Khushi, everyone of us who's been reading the story have been eagerly waiting for them to enter this world and be pampered by their parents. But never have I thought they'll be parted from their mother before she even gets to see them :/

    I hope everything will get back to normal and the babies will be fine and get the warmth and love of their parents soon.

    Eagerlywaiting with bated breath for the next update!

    PS. I am not comment on every update but I'm one sincere fan following your stories daily since the day I stumbled upon them!

  34. OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    What a twist... hope all goes well...

  35. Omg....just can this world get anymore cruel with these two souls...Each n every acquaintance of theirs just a terrible , monstrous masked enemy. .And just can't imagine the same person who bought them close back again n helped to tie them together forever could be so cruel and of wicked intentions...Can't this list of never ending enemies in this world against them just stop...A beautiful moment , Arnav n khushi blessed with twins, a beautiful daughter just like khushi n a cute little stubborn son just like Arnav..this mesmerising moment of their birth completely snatched away from their lives..and to top it , it was proclaimed to her that they were born dead..I just can't imagine their boths state..No cruelty done to them will ever surpass this dreadful, devastated moment...And to top it She doesn't have Her anchor with her..Thinking about all the aftermath sends shivers in my body..Pls don't make it any more heart wrenching
    .How is Arnav going to save his babies from history repeating again..Will this bubble of unconditional Love and need ever be the same !!..Where were Aman n Nk dammit!!They were supposed to take care of her while he is not there..Dnt tell me they too are just friends in disguise ..Can't believe...Waiting eagerly. N did u say this could be the season finale..As in this painful end to such a heart warming, painful yet mesmerising Arnav khushi tale..A BIG NO..U can't end without Arnav khushi happy together for hamesha..SAMJHI TUM!!..Pretty please...

  36. Beautiful update hope they find their twins soon.the fashion show was nice and payal body hanging from the ceiling was shocking the update made me cry pls update soon

  37. Dear I loved the update (part 40) but this one is truly shocking.

    Poor Khushi & Arnav....... They are suffering a lot. They did not get to welcome their twins the way they deserved.

    Thanks a ton for assuring that still 15 parts are there.

    Loved the initial part of Khushi consoling Arnav......

    Please dear try & update quickly.

    PS: Please unite Arnav with Khushi & Arnav-Khushi with twins.

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  38. Hey Tina good to see u with an update after a Long time.
    Chapter 40 was so shocking and sad at the same time.Already Arnav and Khuhsi are having problems and only the twins gave them the happiness and now that is also gone. It is going to be terrible for both when they hear the news...
    That Uncle is the Master OMG just because he didn't get his lover he did all this to her family. Well there are some people who are like this psycho but they're are also good hearted people whom does not want to create problems if the person they loved didn't reciprocate the love back. Rather they would just wish them all the best in their life and move on.
    And now he saw how happy Arnav is with Khushi and the twins, he have kidnaped the twins... I really wonder how Arnav is going to find out about that man. And once he find out it is truly going to be hurting and shocking to him and also to Khushi....

    Continue soon and don't let that man hurt the twins pls!

    Hope u ate doing well Tina? Take care ;)


  39. OMGGGG is this happening for real yaaayyyy so so glad to have you back reallly happy to have you back missed you and your story's soooo much I gusse i have missed few updates can't wait to catch up with them can't wait will catch up sooon ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  40. Hey Tina it feels so good to get an update from you. Hope u r doing good. Chapter 40 had been a real shocker for me. I never expected that master Horatio would be uncle. Thank God that twins are not dead but on the other hand they are not safe too. I really hope that uncle doesn't harm the twins. Those two bundles of joy are the ones that help Arshi to fight against the world. I am eagerly awaiting for Arnav to find the culprit and give him a slow and painful death just like he is been doing with arshi's family. Hope to hear from u very soon again. Until next time I will be re reading all your fan fictions again. And Tina I read all your stories and the strangest part is that I never get bored and it feels like I am reading it for the very first time. Love all your writings. Will be waiting for more. Bye take care Tina.

  41. Omg..what a fantastic twist.. I was 100% sure it was nk or aman.. but uncle.. no way.. he was a bloody manipulator.. pls don't let him hurt the babies.. hope their parents find them soon..

    Brkn angel

  42. Love the story, stumbled across it and spent my work holiday reading the story from start to finish. Brilliantly written, passion filled with mystery. Each chapter reveals and leaves you guessing and hankering for more until reaching the final twist of the revealing of the mastermind. This story mystery is like the Shrek dialogue about the onion, each chapter pealing layers of the past, the characters depth and the ongoing mystery. What a cliffhanger, eager for the next part.

  43. Wat an update tina d uncle is so ruthless i somewer guessed wen arnav mentioned dat uncle mom dad wer college frnds n khushi mentioned dat he met ur mom aftr marriage he is really dangerous i was cryng while reading wen arnav was being taken to jail n khushis water broke damn he took der kids cant seem to believe hw where wer nk n aman?? Hope dey gt to knw d truth dat she gave brth to twins a boy n a girl plz update d next part soon
    Dnt knw wat will arshi do nw
    India forums: muskaansobti

  44. First of all welcome back again!!!
    I was going to your blog every now & then to see whether u have updated or not!!!
    I am really very shocked to know the truth!!
    That means Arnav's uncle is the one who is doing all this
    Oh No,this I was not expecting at all.
    Arnav has been arrested & at the same time Khushi's water broke!!
    I hope both of them find the truth fast save themselves as well as their babies also!!
    Please do update soon.

    1. Oh. My. God! I'm speechless. what I love about your stories most is it's always worth the long wait and constant stalking. Every single time I'm rendered speechless for quite some time. The plot and the twists and the way you reveal them..... Never once I thought he'll be master Horatio. Now waiting eagerly for the next episode :)

  45. Very exiting plot. Looking forward for future episodes. When will the babies unite with their parents. Waiting eagerly for that moment. Thanks for a nice episode

  46. I really really can't believe what I just read.... Uncle as master????? Damnnnn this was so unexpected.... But that's what I like about your stories... Always expect the unexpected.... This is insane but great.....
    Payal is also dead and gone . Along with anjali and aakash.... Uncle was the one who made anjali this dependant and delusional... Also he was the one who sent arnav to Rita??? He is truly mad and psycho....
    Now he took away arnav and khushi's babies too..i know that arnav won't let anything happen to the twins... I have that faith in your happy endings.... But arnav is truly in for a shock this time...
    I hope arnav connects the dots with what khushi told him about uncle's and his mother's story from the diary ...
    Hoping for the best...
    Continue soon

  47. First I'm sincerely SORRY TINA
    I know I'm very late but nevertheless I'm here!

    I knew it!
    I knew it!
    I knew it!

    Uncle is Master H. Shit man payal is dead. How will Arnav prove his innocence!

    Twins are not dead! Thank god but God... I don't know how Khushi would react. What will Arnav do now!

    What if this creates a distance in them. What if Arnav again blame himself. What if Khushi distances herself from him.

    Oh god! I thougt finally after Aakash death they will be happy for a lil while but that MH ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

    Tina.... I will try to stay positive till you update again! And please update me as well when you update "dessert heat".... I'm dying to re-read it. I miss DH. Please invite me whenever you open DH's blog!!!

    I'm trying to handle the suspense. I hope Arnav and Khushi fight this situation and that monster together... No separation or goin away please!

    Where is Shyam! Is he involved with MH as well,??

    I hope Arnav figures this out!

    Aman and NK... EVEN byez are the best... These are few good people in their life....

    Update soon! I won't be late on commenting next time..... Pinky swear!

    P. S- No separation please ๐Ÿ˜ฃ



  48. What did i just read? :O I'm extremely scared for Arnav and Khushi now, since everyone whom they trusted is betraying them in the worst way possible. I really doubt N.K and Aman too now. How is it possible that the babies were taken away just after their birth, what were N.K and Aman upto. This episode was really full of shocks. I hope Arnav and Bayaz find out about the babies soon (and obviously about Uncle a.k.a Master Horatio too). It pains me to imagine what would happen when Arnav and Khushi meet in the next episode. Hope they get to know the truth soon enough. Update soon and extremely sorry for commenting late. :(
    Count me in for the other stories too. I would love to read all your works. You're definitely one of my favorite Arshi ff writers :))
    -Prachi (IF name- pra_s.96)

  49. God Tina you are amazing please continue soon u

  50. You know you are most favourite writer ever...oh god I am at a complete loss of words are amazing...oh god how do I say all those words which I wish to....oh god I am in an utter loss of words ....I love your this version of arnav and kushi...even if I see you face to face I won't be able to compliment you till my heart's you Tina...continue soon ...will be waiting...

  51. You know you are most favourite writer ever...oh god I am at a complete loss of words are amazing...oh god how do I say all those words which I wish to....oh god I am in an utter loss of words ....I love your this version of arnav and kushi...even if I see you face to face I won't be able to compliment you till my heart's you Tina...continue soon ...will be waiting...

  52. Hope babies will be safe๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  53. Hi .tina how are you .i would like to read desert heat can you please give me alink tell me wher can i read.thanx already

  54. Tina di, I was a silent reader. But I create a Google account to comment on your posts. I did not have a smart phone then. So I couldn't comment. But after buying a new phone the first thing I have done to make a comment. I did not know how to use it ,as you can see I posted the same message for Three times.
    I want to tell you that I am a big fan of Arshi, and of course yours. I checked your blog 3 to 5 times a day, just to know if you have posted or not.
    Your stories, writing skills are wonderful.
    I know many people had copied your stories for many times. They are disgusting. I know it really hurts you. But if you feel broken just remember there are lots of readers like me trust you and wait for your update like a crazy fan.
    If there is any problem let us know. We are there for you.
    You took Ipkknd fanfictions in such a position no one can.You draw a different and very positive image among the readers.
    If my grammar or vocabulary is wrong please forgive me. I am new to this.
    Please give a post asap.
    Take care.

  55. Tina di, I was a silent reader. But I create a Google account to comment on your posts. I did not have a smart phone then. So I couldn't comment. But after buying a new phone the first thing I have done to make a comment. I did not know how to use it ,as you can see I posted the same message for Three times.
    I want to tell you that I am a big fan of Arshi, and of course yours. I checked your blog 3 to 5 times a day, just to know if you have posted or not.
    Your stories, writing skills are wonderful.
    I know many people had copied your stories for many times. They are disgusting. I know it really hurts you. But if you feel broken just remember there are lots of readers like me trust you and wait for your update like a crazy fan.
    If there is any problem let us know. We are there for you.
    You took Ipkknd fanfictions in such a position no one can.You draw a different and very positive image among the readers.
    If my grammar or vocabulary is wrong please forgive me. I am new to this.
    Please give a post asap.
    Take care.

  56. please do not let their kids lost in this cruel world

  57. What an antagonist - all those years of hatred festering inside him and now he's caught the next gen. Its time for Arnav's shaatir dimaag to start working. This story is certainly not for the faint-hearted! Great going..

  58. Hi Tina di... Where are you?? Eagerly waiting for an update love you. Update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update update.... Sorry for pestering you Di... But can't wait....

  59. OMG!!! Dis is absolutely unbelievable....Arnav's dearest UNCLE, whom he trusts sincerely n HE is the mastermind behind all dis havoc n all cos Arnav's mom nvr was his....sick sick sick...Arnav is gonna be devastated by dis revelation. If he thinks hez gona steal Arnav n Khushi's babies n get away wid it, he is in for a rude awakening. Thank u dear once again for an intriguing n intense update.

  60. Tina i have no words to explain this wonderful update. i was literally shivering at the end u have done a tremendous job. It was worth the wait. i have joined your blog in 2015 and i cant remember how many times i have read sp. this story is a perfect blend with emotions, drama, romance, passion, trust, relationship, honesty, betrayl, love, mystery and many more things. You have done a great.

  61. Omg.... I am speechless.... No words.. Simply no words..
    R u working in cardio department di?? U know how to give us heart attack with twists and turns..
    Babies r here.. Yayy..

  62. U knw i wish to kill all those ppl. They hurt Arshi so much
    I love lia for fighting for kids
    Looks like we have new love story ๐Ÿ˜‰
    IF name -afsha-
    Wordpress name 0afsha0

  63. O my o my god wat a greatt update dr tina untill now am a silent reader of ur ff but today u made me to write this comment
    Wa wa wat a twist and turns simply one statement u r a born writter i like dis how u protrate the state of a parents who lossed their precious babbies and cruelity of uncle
    U r simply wow๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š

  64. Oh my god!!! They finally got their babies!! I'm so happy that I'm grinning like an idiot while typing this. Yay!! The babies are back at where they belong :) and will something be there between Aman and Lia?? I kinda feel so :p great update Tina! Waiting for the next one

  65. What to say about chapter 41...
    Mindblowing and thriller update...
    With each word my breath got caught...
    Thank God! the babies are alive and safe...
    This ending of the update made my day...
    And as for the Insane Mr. Horatio...
    i'll soon try to collect some really bad and correct words for him to comment...
    Till then take care...
    See you soon dear...

  66. I was shattered when I read the last update. Being a Mother and listening that the baby did not make it is the last straw for a woman. I couldnt sleep for a few days imagining how could it feel and used to hug my baby tight. Thank GOD they are united. It feels so right as if I have got back my own family. Thank You for this update. I am sure ASR is not going to leave the hospital men for lying to him and that blast I dont know what mystery it holds


  67. Omg.. for a minute there i thought arshi have lost their kids like forever.. but it was awesome at the end... loved the update... but i dnt want arnav trusting horatio... if horatio finds out that the babies are back with arshi i cant imagine his next plot to destroy them.... plz make sure arnav gets to know about horatio.... and i think love is going to bloom b/w aman and lia... cant wait to read new beginnings... the title itself goves hope of a much better future for arshi with no more obstacles...

  68. Hey... i would like to read desert heat sooo badly... can you give me a link or something...

  69. Hi Tina diiiii.... I just love you. Love you very much. You made my day with this update. I am soooooo happy that my babies are with their parents now. I want to see more family moments. Please reveal Horatio's true face to Arnav . I don't want that cheap to plot something else to destroy Arnav. Keep them always safe. Waiting for aman and Liya. Update fast. Once again love you soon much...

  70. I jumped happily as I saw your mail and couldn't help but read the entire update in my lecture instead of listening to the prof.
    I love long updates and it was just awesome. Thankfully the twins good a good nanny or else Arnav would not have discovered that their twins are alive. Poor Khushi was so devastated. But good twins are found.
    Am just so happy. Now awaiting the next update desperately.
    It was just a marvelous update. Loved it.

  71. Your update just made my day ....
    superb update, mind blowing ....
    I was literally clapping when Arnav got the call about the twins' existence and Arnav makes his way to home with the twins ....
    I can't really express how much delighted I am about the small family reunion ...
    Just one request, Please ... don't separate them again. Although knowing Arnav, I don't think he will let such thing happen ever again...
    It seems like finally Aman has got his ladylove... Its nice.
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