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Late last night, when I left my previous message, logged off and threw aside my laptop in a huff, I never expected so many of you to respond. I have been very overwhelmed lately with real life and that horrific comment caught me at the worst time possible. I reacted far more strongly than I would have ordinarily because of it. All I can say is, hug your loved ones close and make the most of every moment together. It's priceless. Now, coming to SP, I spent the day thinking about it, whether I should take it down and just be done with it, or finish what I started. Which is what my goal has always been. I may take a long time getting to that finish line but I'm going to get there with each of my stories--fanfics as well as originals. The outpouring of support I received means so much to me (I've replied to each of you btw). I know Secret Passion has the most readers--the stats prove it--and it's my longest-running fic. I mean, with this finale episode, it will cross 1000…

Important Note

Note (especially for Secret Passion Readers):

For a very personal reason, I have not been able to update in quite a while... I wish it was a nice, happy reason that keeps me away, but it's something quite devastating and deeply personal. I wish I could say more... but suffice to say, for a girl who likes to write only happily-ever-afters, dealing with real-life tragedy is never easy.
Writing has always been my escape and that somehow, what I've written has struck a chord with so many of you means a great deal. Thank you for that. Thank you to all those who took a chance not only on my fanfics, but Heartless, Bow-tied, Leather-strapped etc. as well.
I logged back in here after a really long time hoping reading some comments would lift my mood up as it usually does and partly, that worked. I haven't gotten through them all but a couple made an impression. First, shout out to Judy for your comments on Baby, Hold On. It's always nice to read such positivity and feedback--e…

Leather-Strapped Now Available!

Leather-Strapped Now Available! Amazon link All info here with promised bonus scene Hope you all enjoy this romantic, angsty novella,  the love story of Grant & Alessandra.
Happy Reading!
<3 Tina
ps. Secret Passion soon!

EXCLUSIVE: Read the first chapter of Leather-Strapped!

Instead of an excerpt, here's the entire first chapter of Leather-Strapped :) I've posted it at the bottom of my last post, just scroll down here.
It will go live Sept 30th, but you can preorder now if interested. All info here
Secret Passion's next episode coming soon, and remember, it's a very important one. A season finale no SP reader will forget.
Hope you enjoy chapter one of Leather-Strapped.
<3 Tina
ps. Time for another blog post too?  Maybe...


Excited to announce Leather-Strapped (Longwoods #2) Now Available on Amazon Just click here

HHe was my biggest teenage crush and my adult life’s greatest weakness.
Grant Alexander was everything I was not: rich, successful, sophisticated. Totally out of my league.
Over the years, I watched from my bedroom window as he arrived on a beat-up motorcycle with a loud, unpredictable engine then a nice, compact car to now this, a top-end, luxury SUV which probably cost more than my life savings times a couple hundred.
It was me who hadn’t changed, still living in that same old shabby apartment, watching him from behind the dirt-stained glass, knowing how far out of my reach he remained.
But in this moment, he didn’t feel far at all. I turned my brain off and gave into the rough demands of his mouth. He was hands-down the best thing I’d ever tasted.

Leather-Strapped is book 2 of the Longwoods series. It can be read as a standalone, although reading Bow-Tied #1 is recom…

Secret Passion Updated

Couple of Things:
1. Secret Passion has been updated (yay!). Mind the warnings, this is a mature fic for a reason. Episode 45 Here Or start from the beginning: Episode 1 Here
2. I've also updated the FAQ section with common questions I get all the time. If you have any technical issues, problems downloading the ebooks, or any questions in general check there first and if it's not addressed, leave me a message anywhere on this site. I do read every reply I get. Alternatively, you can email me--see Contact tab.
3. Huge shoutout to all the readers of Heartless. The past month, I've been really blown away by how many of you decided to read this story and give it a chance as well as Bow-Tied. But Heartless is very special to me--and hopefully to those who have read it as well--and it means soooo much to me to see so many of you devouring Luca and Ash's story:)
4. Thank you to an amazing friend and editor, Satina, for this:
5. And finally, check back soon, more info on Leath…

Blog Post #1

RREC LIST  I'm soooo close to being done with Secret Passion's next chapter, but it's not gonna happen tonight. Very soon though. I thought I'd post my first blog post till then because I've been meaning to do that all week as well. I've been debating what I should post about, but then I took a walk earlier today and realized, I didn't have to look any further. So my first item on the Rec List is this...
Unfiltered, majestic, awe-inspiring natural beauty <3 Where I go to get away from everything and relax. If you're lucky enough to live near an ocean or lake, make sure you take advantage of it. Even if you happen to have a gaggle of kids that you need to supervise and make sure they don't pull each other's hair out, the calming effect will be there regardless. If you're land-locked and far from any beach, go out to a park or any little slice of nature near you. It's pretty spectacular how natural beauty surrounds each one of us, and s…

2 Cover Reveals + Books Lineup + Blog Announcement

Happy Saturday Everyone! First of all, thank you for all the comments on Secret Passion's last update. I have read them all and will be replying back soon.
I'm also happy to share with you not one but TWO cover reveals! The first is Leather-Strapped (Longwoods #2) For those who have read Bow-Tied, you were probably expecting this announcement and that day is here! I changed my mind yet again and have decided to keep Leather-Strapped and the rest of the Longwoods series as a novella although it has been added to greatly based on feedback (about 10,000 words longer than Bow-Tied). I will be sharing the official blurb and preorder information soon for those interested.
The second cover is for a story that is very, very close to my heart. It started off as an original story a good eight years ago, I changed it into an IPKKND fanfic because well, I was and remain a HUGE fan of the show, and then I had to take it all down because it was copied--not once but repeatedly.
Due to popula…

Secret Passion Updated!

Happy Saturday everyone!
In case you missed it, Bow-Tied, my first smutty novella,  was released last week and is available on Amazon. For those that have already read it and enjoyed Tasher and Elena's story,  more info on the second in the series very soon ;)
In other news, Secret Passion, my oldest biggest baby, has been updated :) Episode 44 here Or start reading from the the beginning here
I'm really happy to see so many of you reading Bow-Tied and Heartless and giving these original works of mine a shot. It means a lot!
I am planning a lot of exciting stuff in the weeks ahead--including a new Arnav/Khushi fanfic <3 I can't get this particular story out of my head... it's like Fateful Love all over again. I am also happy to say that I have made up my mind on Desert Heat and Shameless as well. Look out for an announcement on that as well as cover reveals for Longwoods #2 and more.
Happy reading, Tina
ps. If you've read Heartless/Bow-Tied, please give them how …

Bow-Tied Published!

As promised, now available is my first smutty novella:)
It isFREEon Kindle Unlimited/Amazon Prime Book Lending, but even if you don't have those services, it is at a discounted price at the moment.
Please keep in mind the genre when reading, this is much, much more *ahem* than my usual stuff.

Bow-Tied is Book 1 of the Longwoods Series. 
The series encompasses stories that are of different lengths and tied together though each can be read as a standalone. 
Bow-tied #1 is a novella, while Leather-Strapped #2 is a novel. Each book in the series is unapologetically erotic and intended for those over the age of eighteen. Reader discretion advised.
Free sample below! Available Now on Amazon NOTE: you do not need a Kindle to read this or any other ebook. Any phone, tablet, computer or laptop, Mac or PC will work as long as you have the free Kindle app and an Amazon account.
Download free kindle app here:
I've been on a writing roll, and it's been …

Heartless Reviews! Thank you so much everyone!

Hugs to everyone who has ordered Heartless! You all continue to amaze me!
Special shout out to Fermeen, Fatima, and Urvashi <3 You three were the first readers to review Heartless and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your feedback! That was some fast reading! You all seriously made my day :)

Feel free everyone to continue to leave your thoughts on Heartless here on the blog or email me as some of you have at, but if possible also post directly on Amazon--you don't even have to use your real name.
This way your thoughts will remain with the book and not get lost in all these posts/emails and other readers can also find them.
Below are Fermeen's, Fatima's and Urvashi's reviews on Heartless for those interested :)

To those that asked, Heartless is available only on Amazon. Click here for more info.

Also, heads up, as promised my first smutastic novella will be released August 3rd!
It will be free for those who have Kindle Unlimite…

Heartless Published + Fateful Love Epilogue!

The day is here! HEARTLESS is now available for everyone!
I've posted a free sample of the first 4 chapters or so right here on the blog. Just click here and scroll down.  Keep in mind that Heartless spans a decade and the excerpt is from the beginning of this period.
What is HEARTLESS all about?  As someone mentions in the book, it is a journey.  I don't want to give too much away but more details are posted on its page.  It can be read by anyone (over the age of eighteen that is) so feel free to share with friends and family.  I keep getting this question so please know: Luca and Ash's story is a standalone. There are no cliffhangers.
And as promised, here is the the final chapter of a story that began as a dream and became reality. Fateful Love Epilogue
Also, I have been getting some emails at that it is hard for some readers to comment due to the image verification once you type a comment. Please know that I've done everything on my end to …

HEARTLESS 2 Days to Go!

Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder that Heartless will go live in just TWOdays! You all amaze me with your preorders! Was not expecting that! :O Thank you for taking that leap of faith with me--I hope to God you enjoy Heartless. If you are interested, check out
Like I've said before, Heartless is my take on new adult fiction with a mature content edge and two characters I couldn't get out of my head -- Luca and Ash <3  More about it here.
It's always incredibly hard to share something so personal, a story that has lived in my head for years now. At one point, I tried to make it into a fanfic because I remain eternally obsessed with ArHi lol but it just didn't work out as you'll find out soon enough.  Literally only two of my good friends have read Heartless other than myself and edited it. So huge thank you to them. If they hadn't kept pushing me to update and finish it, I don't think I would have honestly.
 I'm loo…

Heartless Preorder Available + Fateful Love Updated

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! For those interested, Heartless is now available for preorder. It will go live on July 28th :) I hope you like this cover, I had two options and I changed my mind and decided to go with this one. It's more in keeping with the story, I think. If you're looking for a nice, breezy summer read, check it out.
Also, Fateful Love has been updated. Only the epilogue left! Fateful Love Chapters 17-19 
ps. Thank you so much for the continued feedback. Means so much to me. <3 Tina

Secret Passion Updated

Hi everyone! First of all, loved reading all the amazing comments on Fateful Love. Whether you were in a lecture, daydreaming or just thinking about this story, your feedback really made my day. Thanks for that!
Secret Passion readers, here's the next installment EPISODE 43: Hell is Here. Please mind all the warnings, this is dark stuff, but that's what this story has been heading to right from the start. I wish it was more fluff, but there's always Baby Hold On/Mind Games for that ;)
With this update, Secret Passion crosses 800 pages on Microsoft Word.
To put that into perspective, that's like three normal sized novels :O
And it's still going lol
Also, I'm happy to say that I'll be posting a release date for Heartless as well as more about the novellas for those interested this weekend--if life hopefully cooperates. *fingers crossed*
Happy Friday to each one of you! <3 Tina

Fateful Love 12-16 Reposted!

Hi everyone, Hope you're doing well.
You might have noticed, but if you use my old blog address, you will be redirected from now on to
A bit easier to remember, I hope:) I'm having a bit of a crazy week with RL (real life) and finishing up with my final read through of Heartless, but because of all the great comments I've received, here is the next chunk of Fateful Love: Chapters 12-16 Final 4 chapters of FL will be posted soon. Start from Chapter 1 Here if you haven't already. Couple of other notes.. A few of you have mentioned about pictures being removed from FL from my first posting of the story back in 2013--that's due to many of the links no longer working. I've tried to move away from pictures in general but I do sneak a few in because I can't resist :) Also, Secret Passion's next update is almost complete and more on Heartless/the original erotic novellas soon! Thanks for your feedback on that, means a lot …

Fateful Love Chapters 6-11 + A HUGE REQUEST

Hello everyone!  Hope you're all doing well:) I've been having a busy week but reading all the amazing comments on Fateful Love pulled me back to the story and instead of sleeping at a reasonable time, I instead decided to edit and post it. I'll probably regret it a bit tomorrow when I'm struggling to stay awake but whatever, I'll survive :) So on popular demand, here's the next chunk... Fateful Love: Parts 6-11 Or start from the start: Fateful Love Part 1
Couple of notes: --I've fixed Baby Hold On's first couple chapters. One of you let me know that the pictures and screenshots weren't loading. They should be now. --Thank you to the very kind reader who left a comment on Mind Games. It's very rare for that story and well, most of my older, finished stuff to get any new feedback so much appreciated! --I keep getting messages for Desert Heat/Shameless, but I'm a bit busy with SP and Heartless right now. They're my top priorities at the mome…

Fateful Love Chapters 1-5 Now Available!

As promised, the first chunk of Fateful Love has been reuploaded. For those who haven't gotten a chance to read it before, it's a very unique ArHi story. Hope you like it! Chapters 1-5
Thanks for all the lovely comments on Heartless's Blurb!
More Soon! *cough SP cough*
<3 Tina

Heartless Official Book Blurb Now Up!

Excited to announce that the official book blurb for Heartless is now up! For those interested in it, I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think now that I've revealed more about it plot-wise.
ArHi fans, first of all thanks for the feedback on the last update on Secret Passion. If you left a reply, I have responded to you. Please do check. I wish I could always respond to each comment I receive but real life sometimes gets in the way. I do try to surprise you all every now and then and this was one of those times. Based on what I read, most of you are split on who has it worse right now--Arnav or Khushi, which is really interesting. More SP madness soon!
In other news, like I mentioned in my earlier posts, I will be reuploading one of my old IPKKND fanfics. I considered the number of comments, emails and requests I received and used everything as basically a poll. Winner: Fateful Love Look for the first 5 chapters to be reposted in the next couple of days and eventu…

Secret Passion Updated!

So happy to let you all know that Secret Passion: Episode 42 is now up! Thanks Sandy for the banner!
Thanks to all of you for all the support on everything from my IPKKND fanfiction to Heartless. Look out for the official book blurb on Heartless this coming week for those who are interested.
I've read a few comments already on the new blog design. Glad you all seem to be liking it and able to access all my stuff easily. If you notice any links aren't working or any issues in general, please let me know.
Lastly, please keep in mind that Secret Passion is a DARK romance for a reason, though there is always a glimmer of light. Reader discretion advised.
Happy reading! <3 Tina
ps. feel free to leave your comments directly on this post or with SP's latest chapter. And if you haven't already, subscribe using the button on the top right hand side to be notified by email of my every update.

Or read from the start: Secret Passion Epis…


FIRST OFF, thank you sooooooo much for all the messages and outpourings of encouragement. After my last post, so many of you either left me a message here or emailed me and each one of those messages means SO much to me! Thank you for the support and for those of you who shared your own stories of betrayal like I experienced, a huge hug to you. Like I've always said, you all are the reason I'm still around :)
NOW, on to more happy news! I'm ecstatic to announce that I finished some writing--finally! I've poured my heart and soul into this story over the past six months and I'm so happy I can finally share it with all of you.

HEARTLESS It is a contemporary romance, my original work, and 18+ as I hope the cover makes clear. It's literally a bit of my soul on paper, all 100,000+ words and I hope you will be alongside me as I make this huge jump. I know some writers stretch debut novels into series, but I prefer it to be a standalone so no fear, there w…


I am so very sorry for not posting sooner.  I realize I should have posted a note at least but sometimes in life you just reach a limit. And for me, that's what happened a couple of months ago. I knew that if I were to log in here, I would probably have deleted my blog altogether so I stayed away because I know many of you still read and reread these stories and find enjoyment in them. Thank you seriously for all the messages so many of you left asking about my whereabouts and updates. I am sorry it couldn't be sooner, but something very, very upsetting occurred. I won't get into the details, but to sum it up, someone I thought was a friend of mine spread this blog to our mutual circle of friends and even to my work colleagues. A real A.J. type of character for those who've read Secret Passion. What hurt me--and deeply so--wasn't so much that she told someone about my blog (I'm proud of everything I've written and stand by it 100%) but I was really gutted …