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I am so very sorry for not posting sooner. 
I realize I should have posted a note at least but sometimes in life you just reach a limit. And for me, that's what happened a couple of months ago.
I knew that if I were to log in here, I would probably have deleted my blog altogether so I stayed away because I know many of you still read and reread these stories and find enjoyment in them.
Thank you seriously for all the messages so many of you left asking about my whereabouts and updates. I am sorry it couldn't be sooner, but something very, very upsetting occurred.
I won't get into the details, but to sum it up, someone I thought was a friend of mine spread this blog to our mutual circle of friends and even to my work colleagues.
A real A.J. type of character for those who've read Secret Passion.
What hurt me--and deeply so--wasn't so much that she told someone about my blog (I'm proud of everything I've written and stand by it 100%) but I was really gutted that someone I considered a very close friend would maliciously act this way.
I am obviously no longer in contact with this person and have moved on, but everything that happened really impacted my love for writing.
I wish it hadn't, but you can't force yourself to write when your heart's just not in it.
Like I said, this was months ago and I'm in a much better place now writing-wise.
I've been writing a bit every couple of days.
I believe Secret Passion is my only incomplete story currently. I know readers of that must want the conclusion and I totally get that. I wish I could tell you when you'll get an update from me, but I honestly don't know quite yet. I have every intention of finishing it though and writing more in the future.
Thank you all for your continued support over the years.
You are the reason I logged in today after so long.


  1. Hi Tina
    First of all welcome back dear. So nice to hear from you. Don't underestimate ur writing power. Ur an amazing writer dear. So is sp. Very special story. What can I say u more. Please for one person don't punish all ur loyal readers. Who read and apriciate ur work and patiently waiting for u to update. All the best dear. Do update soon

  2. Hi Tina,
    Good to hear from you after a long time and thank you for the note. Feel Sorry to say that your friend hurted you immensely but please don't take it to heart. Not everyone has the talent to write and you have a very good skill and maybe she is jealous that your able to portray it and she doesn't. You are proud of your work and love to write right than don't stop it coz somebody is jealous of it and tried to spoil your name.
    We love all your stories and will be happy if you continue your writing and please don't stop by any circumstances. If you stop writing than it will be like she won the game. Take as much time as you need and we will wait patiently for the updates.

    Love you and once again Thank you


  3. Hi Tina,

    I'm one of your adrenaline readers!

    Though I'm not a writer or that sort but could totally relate it to what you must be felt when you got to know about the incident which could only to be termed as pure betrayal.

    Whatever might be the circumstances, facing that from the person whom you have considered as a friend is a nightmare - I'm sorry if i'm reminding you of those horrible moments but all I wanted to say is you as a writer has been doing a wonderful job - Your stories are one of the main reasons why I had created an account in India Forums and have been reader till date since 9 years now!

    And your stories are one of the reasons made to read fiction stories and made me realize my interest in reading books!

    I owe you for making me realizing my interest to myself with your wonderful stories and also making IPK alive till date which is not possible without absolutely awesome writers like you:)

    Though I have always been a silent reader and recently only started commenting on stories, I have realized the injustice caused to the writers when the readers do not appreciate the works especially when they love it!

    You don't know you are the one of the top best and preferred and most remembered authors of all time!! - You have so many loyal readers and thats what the author wants right!

    I now understand the struggles the authors face with plagiarism but always see the positive side of it - You got to realize the fake so-called friend and that was meant to happen for you to realize certain things in life! - Which I always think, when something very deep and unexpected loss we face it is for us to realize our mistake or to learn something out of it - So think it like that.

    I have told all this not expecting a update sooner from you but just for you feel light and better [Hope you feel that now]

    Please take your time - Its absolutely the author's mindset a story is made and produced and the story is important but not more than the author so my supergirl, take your time - come back with bang [but when you feel so] there is absolutely no need to be stressed about anything and c'mon even you come back after years - you will not miss your reader that's what your achievement is!!!

    Whatever your decision be, I along with other loyal and lovely readers will be by your side always:) So cheer up:))))))

  4. Good to hear from you after so long๐Ÿ˜ would wait to hear from u patiently

  5. Aww.. don't worry dear. We are with you till the end of the world. Keep smiling and writing. God bless.

    Brkn angl

    P.s. if you wish to delete the blog pls let me knw I need to read it may be for the last time

  6. Thank you for the note. Sorry that you had to go through this betrayal. Will wait patiently, take your time. Love your stories and am with you in any decision you make.

  7. Heyy ..welcome back dear...

  8. Hi Tina

    Thanks for the note.
    Can understand when the person whom you know for long time and consider as your own, it hurts the most when they back stab you. You stories makes us to come back again and again. Whatever genre it might be you makes us get hooked to them. It is that good and really enjoy each and everyone of them. Though it is easy for us to say to forget that incident and don't take it to heart it will be in our mind forever because not expecting to get hurt from the person whom you trusted from long time thinking they will stand by you no matter what.

    We readers will be waiting to hear from you. Take your time and give us update when you feel comfortable.

    Take care

  9. so so happy to see ur note..:) all i can say is WE ur readers are always with you no matter what happens.
    take ur time n be back with a BANG###
    Stay blessed.

  10. I almost jumped in excitement when I saw your mail. I thought you updated SP. But even though it isn’t the case I’m still elated to know you’re back and you’ll be updating soon.

    I’m sorry for whatever happened but everyone has one such person who call themselves our friends but don’t behave so. Am happy you decided to move on and get back to writing.

    Too excited for next SP update. Will be looking forward to it.

  11. Happy u came for us.we all love u and ur stories. I dially visit this blog best wishes ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š☺๐Ÿ˜

  12. good to know ur safe and sound. though sorry for what you had to go through. we will wait for the update. take ur time.

  13. Ah that's a tough one. So sorry that you had to go through something like that. A betrayal is hard no matter where it comes from and especially bitter to swallow when it is from a friend. Isn't it amazing that people can still shock us with their actions? One would think we would have seen everything by now. Take care of yourself and regards,

  14. Thank you for the note. Sorry that you went through a betrayal. Take care of yourself. Will wait patiently, take your time.

  15. Thank you for the note... I understand what you might be feeling or might have felt.. Even though many of us read these stories on a forum or blog its not acceptable to share it to the people who are right next to you with out your permission... It becomes weird ...
    Take your time....its a phase will come over it... Am glad you didn't delete the blog coz of that person...there are so many of us who keeps rereading the as stories..will wait for you to come back...

  16. Thank god you are ok. What you went through was very sad and I can understand the pain and absolute devastation you feel when a friend betrays you but chin up Doc, we r with you. Take your time and we will wait for your return.

  17. Thanks for the note.
    It is good to see that you won't give up because of some melicious so called friends.

  18. Hi Tina,
    I am terribly sorry for what had happened to you. But I am happy that you have come out of it. This shows how brave and confident you are. Thank you for the noted. I am Glad that you have considered writing again. At least this will keep you distracted and occupied for the time being. Don’t worry everything will get back to normal. Stay strong and happy Tina!

  19. Good to see you around Tina.. Happy that our love brought you back to us and not give up.. will always looking forward to update from you.. take care.. God bless

  20. Hi Tina, so good to hear from you again and thanks for the note. While I'm so glad that you're doing fine now, I am so sorry to hear what had happened to you and what was done to you by your malicious and so-called friend; I can understand how you feel coz I've been there before and it did hurt very much. But you know what? You held your head up high and have come up triumphantly in the do keep on going like that. Your readers and supporters are here to support you all the way! :)

    Also, I am so glad and happy that you did not delete your blog coz it is one of the sites where I log in often to re-read your stories...and yes, I log in to check of any updates from you. ;) ;p But please, as a humble request, do NOT delete your blog...As for the next update for SP, do take your time in writing it and do post it whenever you're ready. I, for one and I'm sure your other readers too, would be here and waiting patiently for your return. Do take care of yourself and we'll be seeing you around here again! Sending big hugs & positive thinking to you from Holland! xx

  21. Hi Tina! I am your new reader. I could say that I read and re-read your story Secret passion lot of times, in this short while. I literally stalked your website for updates..

    You Know, what my thoughts were during your absence.. "God! please let Tina stay safe and sound." It is not only me, I am sure there are lot more like me, praying for your well being. If you want anything to affect you, let this fact do that. There are so many out there, who don't know you in person, yet praying for your well being. That is quite an accomplishment itself!

    I know saying this, from this side is easy. But, that is what, I could do from this side!! Stay happy and strong and come back, whenever you want, with a bang!! I will be waiting for you :)


  22. Hi Tina ,
    Very happy to hear from you and to know that you are safe and sound ...please comeback soon you will find your peace in writing as this is your passion... you are a wonderful writer so please don’t let that writer affect because of some worthless people.... they are not worth your friendship.... here in this place you have more people who adore you and pray for you....
    In your stories you write how Arnav and Khushi come out of every challenge they face so beautifully... you are the one who gives that strength to that character who doesn’t give up... so please wake the ASR in you and face the world.... I wish you all the best and may god be with you always...

  23. Hi Tina,

    I am so very happy to receive a notification from this blog and seeing that you posted a note.

    It is truly gutting to be betrayed by someone you considered a friend. I cannot understand why some people choose to be so malicious. It will only be their loss to lose the trust and friendship of someone as awesome as you. Their shame for being purposely hurtful.

    I have lost count of how many times I have read and re-read SP. And revisiting your brilliantly created characters and world never failed to comfort me no matter how bad of a day I was having. I found myself loving it even more at every re-read. I didn't think that could be possible knowing how much I already loved it but it was and it is. Such is the charm of your stories. I discovered you during my initial days in this ficverse and reading your work reignited my love for reading. I tried to find more time to read and always found myself marvelling at how talented your pen is and how grateful I am that you write for this fandom.

    If you wished to stop writing or delete your blog for your peace of mind (God knows people online give you enough reasons to do so) I would have supported your decisions no matter how much the loss would devastate me. I also do love your resilience to come back after every after upsetting incident. It is not easy yet you do it admirably.

    Please update when you are in better place, there is no hurry whatsoever, even if you choose to come back after years we would still welcome you gladly. Just leave us ocassional notes otherwise we worry. It made me so happy reading that you will be back to writing SP and may even write more in future. We shall be waiting eagerly for your return and future endeavours.

    My best wishes for you.
    Take care,
    The Girl of Ravens.

  24. Hi Tina welcome back babes i just glad to know you are ok and well was worried about take your time and continue when you can just drop a line so we all know ssoo we will know all is well on your side.

  25. Hey, welcome back...
    I m so relieved that u didn’t delete the page...
    I understand that real life takes its toll, & it’s fine at least informed.
    I’ll be waiting...

  26. Hi tina
    I'm really glad that u didn't deleted ur blog becoz ur blog makes me so happy whenever I read arshi ff . And will be waiting for ur next update soon

  27. Heyy Tina! Welcome back. We're all glad you're okay now and that you are back. We've been eagerly waiting for you and were terribly worried about you. Thanks a lot for coming back. ♥️

  28. Hey Di. I'm so sorry to here that someone close to you betrayed your trust. Good to know you're moving on. That's the spirit! And I am, obviously, eternally grateful that you did not delete this blog. I've been re-reading some of the stories these past months, while missing you and the updates on SP. As for an update worries about it. Take your time with it. Hearing from you, that too after so many months is enough for now. Welcome back!
    Love Zyrah-Ayok - IF

  29. Hi Tina,

    I have discovered your stories a few days ago. Even though I have been a member of IF since 2012, I have never had an opportunity to read your stories. The only thing I used to know about you was your published book. Better late than never, and I finally came across Secret Passion and read all parts in three days.

    Coming to your note... I know the pain of betrayal coming from your close friend. I guess many people experienced the same kind of pain. Maybe your friend got jealous of your popularity on the Internet. Maybe she was envying your writing talent. Or maybe and most probably, she is just a bad person and she managed to hide her true colour for a very long time.

    When my own cousin had back stabbed me I got angry with myself. Asking myself again again, how could I not see her real intentions for years.

    When my professor's lies impacted my future, I blamed myself for trusting her. Day and night, I asked myself why she did such a cruel thing.

    So, please don't do the mistakes I did. Never blame yourself for anything. I know saying is easier than doing but there are people who can't stop giving others pain, whose reasons of existence are only inflicting pain to others, who will not think twice without destroying others' peace of mind.

    I belive in Karma. One fine day, your former friend will also taste the betrayal of her loved ones.

  30. Hey Tina so happy to hear something from you. So sorry that someone u considered your close friend betrayed you. But we are happy that you are moving on. Thank u so much for giving us hope that u will continue to write.

  31. Dear Tina,

    Thank you so much for the note. I feel so sad something like this happened to you. I think the only intention of that evil person must be to hurt you and disturb your personal and professional life. I am glad you are moving on. I feel so happy and honored to read your wonderful stories.

    Tina, as I have told you many times earlier, your stories give me so much happiness. All this time you were away, I have visited your blog at least once a week to read a chapter of Mind Games or Secret Passion or Baby Hold On and enjoyed myself and always appreciated your brilliant writing skills. Your stories take me to a different world. My heartfelt request is... please do not delete the blog.

    Please comeback soon. It is fine if you don't want to update for sometime. But do come here and interact with us. It will definitely cheer you up.

    Take care. I will be waiting for you...

  32. Thanks for the note dear. We were worried for you. Don't know what to say or write. Feeling sad, angry as well as surprise. It's quite disturbing when the one you trust broke it. But then that's life. And after this incident secret passion feels more real. Your Good friend ditches you like AJ did to arnav. And I am glad you gather yourself and didn't decided to delete the blog. Please dear never ever do something like this. This blog is your hardwork which you should not destroy just because some bugs find it indecent. I want to tell you that your all stories are amazing and worth reading. I personally didn't find anything indecent in the story. Whatever you write is a part of our life which everyone do but don't know why not speak about it openly and behave like assholes. So don't worry your all readers are with you. Just ignore all those morons and live happy.
    Lots of love

  33. Welcome back
    Thanks for the note
    Take your time

  34. Dear Tina,

    I am so sorry for what happened to you. We totally understand your hurt at her betrayal. But I am eternally grateful that you did not close down the blog, I mean really...
    There are too many readers, including myself, who hound your site for regular updates; even if there is none- we don't care, we go back and re-read the same updates again and it feels home...
    This blog of yours is way too precious for us. Do not let a douchebag spoil this for you or your readers.
    You are the best, trust me..
    And we all love you...


    (I couldn't get into my google account, so I posted it as anonymous)

  35. Hayyyy girl so so happy to see you back on here goshhh it been way too long but I’m glad that your back and holding your head held up high more power to you ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

  36. Gosh so happy that finally u posted a message and that u r doing fine and are back..I love you and ur stories a lot..missed u the whole year like hell..thanks will wait for ur further note and update..take ur time

  37. Hi dear,

    I Completely understand your feeling as a friend. Getting hurt from the people whom you trust.
    But do believe that you are an amazing writer. We love to read your writing. And read and re-read them again and again.

    Take your time and do update when you feel good.

    But never go hiding again without informing. Please.

    Love ya and take care of yourself.

    Neha aka neag (IF)

  38. First of all, thank God that u r fine. I thought we'll ever hear from u agn. secondly, that so called friend of yours is an a*****e. Just forget her coz people like her don't deserve to be in our thoughts. I am so bloody happy that u r back and will e continuing with Secret Passion. Take your time. We'll wait for u coz it's totally worth it. :D :-)

  39. Hi friend,
    I am sorry you have faced a lot in the past couple of months. Also happy to hear that you are okay now.
    And at last a sincere thank you for deciding to continue this blog and stories, which means a world to us.
    Your fan

  40. Hi Tina,

    I visited your blog countless times in your absence and after I read your note, I was so angry. You're a great writer and you SHOULD ALWAYS feel proud of your work!! Whoever did this to you, most likely did it out of jealousy and to bring you down. But do NOT let this person get under your skin and DON'T ever let them affect you in anyway. We don't need any "Shyams," or "AJs" in our lives, all we need is Arnav. So keep smiling and be happy and know that all your readers are here for you, because so your AWESOME and you KICK ASS!! We love you!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    Take care and feel better!! ❤❤❤

  41. Hi Tina..
    Thank you for final coming back.. I don't remember how many times I would log in each day just to see a small note from u. I know wt u must be feeling.. get hurt from ur closed one's takes time to heal. I hope u r doing fine now. Nd pls don't stop writing for anyone. U r a fabulous writer no one CLD do justice to arshi's chemistry as u do. So please update soon. Take care Dr. Looking fwd to hear from u soon.

  42. Oh My! I'm so glad to finally see you here. And now knowing the reason of your absence, I must say that you're really strong. I don't know what I would've done if that happened to me. It's literally as worse as a heartbreak or maybe more.

    I really hope you find yourself in your happy sphere and around the people who care for you truly.

    I have visited this blog on and off so many times for updates initially and later on to just know if you're okay. I'm glad you managed to post a note atleast.

    Wishing you abundant joy! And see you soon :D
    Missed you.


  43. Welcome back Tina...happy to hear that u r fine there....thanks for the hurry ..take ur own time..we will wait for ur updates..take care.....stay alwayz happy healthy and blessed...

  44. Hi i can understand your situation and totally stand by you & to tell you i love reading your stories so take your time but just to remind yo your "DESERT HEAT" is also incomplete resume that also "PLEASE".
    "LOVE YOU "

  45. Hi Tina...I am so glad to see this note, and know all is well with you. It is really sad that someone would do such a horrible things, especially when you trust the person. But please don't let it discourage you from writing. You are a great writer and I loved all the stories that I read and had access to. You absolutely should be proud of your work! We all are waiting for you to be back with a bang!!


  46. “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you”.
    Your words are your strength. So never stop writing and just take your time to deal with everything. Best wishes and love to you! Keep writing and keep rocking!


  47. Hey Tina, that is really upsetting to hear. I'm not sure how many times I've heard of your work getting plagiarized but what happened this times seems to be the limit. I understand if you chose not to write at all. I really wonder what people get out of doing what they do. I'm glad we heard from you after so long. I knew there must have been something that went wrong again and its horrible to hear. I really enjoyed reading your stories but then there are the select few who ruin the experience for the honest readers out there. I hope you decide one day to publish and sell an ebook on amazon so we can read your lovely stories and you won't have to worry about shitty people out there trying to steal your work. Take care and lots of love!

  48. Sorry to hear that. You really have wonderful imagination and can bring out of the box story line. Looking forward to read SP update.

  49. Thank you so much for coming back. I can totally understand what you must be going through. Betrayal from a close friend is the worst of things that can happen to anyone. No wonder you needed a break to feel okay. I am glad that you fought the feeling and came out a winner and its evident with the fact that you didnt delete the blog, neither you bid us bye with incomplete stories.

    I have read all your stories and I am a fan of all of them. So eagerly waiting for a completion for Secret Passion, esp after the heart wrenching update of ArShi separation from their toddlers and then meeting again which was the climax of the previous chapter. Also I hope I dont offend you by reminding that Desert Heat is also waiting for an update. Please take all the time you want. We are here, not going anywhere, but it will be heartening to see both the stories seeing a completion with the leads getting their happily ever after.

  50. Hey tina
    Glad your back and happy to know that you are fine health wise...i am so sorry for the betrayal you faced from you friend but the most important thing is that youve managed to pick up the pieces and move on...take your time but do keep us updated of your status even if it is to be done in a single sentence so that we know you are well and fine

  51. Hey tina darling I'm so glad you posted a note after such a long time❤๐Ÿ˜™... glad that you are ok and doing well so far hun. I totally understand what your going thru because having someone you consider as a friend betray you in anyway is not a nice feeling at all. Im so glad you moved on and got rid of the the negative energy๐Ÿ™„. Just know that we will support you and wait no matter how long it takes because you're a awesome and talented writer and I love what you do. Just keep the faith and things will fall back into place soon.. Just leave a note every now and then just to let us know you are doing ok otherwise๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿค—.. Until then take care and stay safe ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  52. Welcome back dear. Was so happy that you came back and have the will power to complete your stories.
    Just stay positive and everything will be fine.
    Will be waiting for your new update of SP.

  53. Hope you are doing fine. Back to normal happy and energetic. Eagerly waiting for the update dear.��

  54. I'm upset that you had to go through all of that. However, I am glad that you are in a better place now. You don't have to be embarrassed about what you have written. You are just an amazing person and writer and you know how to be a badass as well. Come back and we will be here to read whatever you have in store for us as always. You mean to us.

  55. Hi Tina Welcome back and I hope you are fine
    I really love your stories an specially SP
    Hope you update soon

  56. Hi. Thank you for the note. Eagerly waiting for you to upload Secret Passion.

  57. Hi dear!! So fabulous u hav u bak. Sorry for ur friend who betrayed u....der are some friends dat are dearest to u dat are wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. Ur works are marvelous n so are u. Patiently waiting for u to update...miss u n take care.

  58. Hi Tina di
    Very happy ro see you back here.
    There are many people who back stab us badly even though they are extremely close. Feeling sorry that you too had to go through this.
    Very very thanku for coming back.
    We are eagerly waiting for an update from your side

  59. Hi TINA sister,

    i have only read BHO by you..And bookmarked the link for many months..i have seen many messages from you during the time about your work being copied ..i admired your courage for writing and sharing your precious works with us..But now this happened..i'm sorry for it sister..But you have done nothing to embarassed by your writings..Don't take the harsh words to your heart..they are just jealous of you..Time will heal your wounds sis..take your time and Relax..You don't have to write further if you will pressurized to write it for readers..We can understand if you're not ready to do it..we will be there for you just like you are in our hearts with your precious works..

    Take care sister,

    we all love you

  60. Hi Tina,
    sorry to hear this... but im glad u r back and admire you for still going on and doing what you love!!
    no pressure ...take ur time..until then will reread the stories :)

  61. you are an amazing writer and have lot of fan following. so do not worry about anything.. keep writing girl!!!

  62. Waiting Tina... Please come back soooooooon ��������

  63. Waiting dear please come back soon

  64. we will wait ..please take care

  65. hey i am re-reading secret passion but screenshots wont appear neither in tab nor on laptop. can any body tell me how to fix it

  66. You are an amazing writer my dear...
    Please take your time and update whenever you can.. I hope this msg reaches you..
    Most of the time my comments dp not get posted here.. I don't know why.. I am writing to you since years.. tc.. much love


  68. Hey tina di....first of all very happy that ur okay and ur coming back to write....the worst that could have happened would be u never cing bac and finishing the SP and also of never getting any information about u!!!....secondly i m sorry to hear that ur friend hurt u....that is a hurt which will take a long time to i totally understand ur absenteeism....though we dnt the entire details it must have been huge 4 u....and i m happy u could over come it.. .ur a talented writer as well as a strong woman....and now i m eagerly waiting for ur next update....i cant wait to read the new beginnings in mr and mrs raizadss life along with their now no excuses!!๐Ÿ˜‘.....hehe just kidding๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜....take care!

  69. Hey Tina..

    Hope you r doing fine Dr. Pls pls update asap. I keep stalking ur blog every hr just to see if d update s der or any note from u. Desperately waiting to read secret passion's update. Want to see khushi's reaction nd hw arnav will react if he ever comes to know dt his uncle s d reason behind all his misery. Pls Dr update soon. Looking fwd to hear from u.

  70. Sorry to hear the betrayal from your friend but we should delete such creepier from our life and show them that they are not worth to have you in their life... thanks for the note and good to hear that you are safe and healthy... will wait no problem dear ....

  71. Hi, sorry to hear about your the betrayal.. But glad that you are back!
    Apart from Secret Passion, Desert Heat is also incomplete I believe. It would be awesome if you could bring thst story to a conclusion as well


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FYI: I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day  (e(except for the discounted chocolates the next day lol)  but I have planned some things for all of you...  This was supposed to happen in time for New Years but  life intervened... it's finally coming together now!
First up-- Bow-Tied is at the lowest price possible on Amazon US/UK for one day only (8am Feb 14 to 8am Feb 15th). Unfortunately, the discount feature is not available for other marketplaces otherwise I would have offered that. For those unable to order, I'm trying to plan something for you. It's in the works... I will post more about it hopefully soon!
Second-- this one is for everyone!! It's the new fanfic idea I haven't been able to get out of my head. After writing a romcom, time travel story, historical romance and a dark epic-length soap opera, this time I'm venturing into the Alpha/Omega genre with a soulmate twist. It will be another original, mature Arnav-Khushi fanfic, as always.
Please note: updates …