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HEARTLESS 2 Days to Go!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that Heartless will go live in just TWO days!
You all amaze me with your preorders! Was not expecting that! :O
Thank you for taking that leap of faith with me--I hope to God you enjoy Heartless.
If you are interested, check out

Like I've said before, Heartless is my take on new adult fiction with a mature content edge and two characters I couldn't get out of my head -- Luca and Ash <3 
More about it here.

It's always incredibly hard to share something so personal, a story that has lived in my head for years now. At one point, I tried to make it into a fanfic because I remain eternally obsessed with ArHi lol but it just didn't work out as you'll find out soon enough. 
Literally only two of my good friends have read Heartless other than myself and edited it. So huge thank you to them. If they hadn't kept pushing me to update and finish it, I don't think I would have honestly.

 I'm looking forward to hearing what you all think! Feel free to leave your thoughts directly on Amazon or here once you get through it. Warning, it is long--like thirty one chapters plus epilogue--I couldn't bring myself to cut it down :) 

Fateful Love readers: I'm reading the epilogue over right now and I'll post it on Saturday. I have responded to everyone who commented on FL and Secret Passion readers--I am trying to catch up with you all as well but there's a lot of you! No complaints though :) I'm up to June 4th, but please know I do read each one of your comments and they never fail to make my day.

Someone asked me about those smutty novellas I mentioned in a previous post. So the first one will be released very soon, and the second one--due to popular and unrelenting demands from my 2 editors--will be converted to a full-length novel. They wanted more of the story and weren't happy with just 12 chapters, so I am rewriting it now :) I think you all will be pleased with the change too in the long run and Heartless contains an excerpt from the story, if you are curious. I'll be posting more about both of these soon.

As far as Desert Heat and Shameless, I get a LOT of requests for these two and it really means a lot to me. It's just that my schedule is so packed right now, but please know I haven't forgotten about these two stories. I really want to take my time and tweak and rewrite them, making them even better than before. If anything new comes up, you will hear about it here.

I think that is everything.
Hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!
Check back here Saturday ;) 

-- Tina


  1. cant wait for Heartless!!!!!!!!!!!! post epi soon love

  2. Congratulations. Best wishes for Heartless. xo

  3. Love your stories, brilliant.

  4. woot woot congrats to you!

  5. A hearty congratulations to you for Heartless!!!

  6. Hey dear
    I really can't wait to for heartless....
    Happy to know that u r thinking about desert heart too....

    1. Heartless now available!
      I love DH too much to forget about it :)

  7. How can I read Heartless pls inform me... O really want to read this ...

    1. It's available only on Amazon. Check the post above for the direct link hun.

  8. Been ages since I visited this blog to pleasantly find a new novel.I read it all in one day and it is oh so amazing.I loved ever bit of it.


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